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We are so so excited...Miss Christine is returning home from New Zealand 
and should be somewhere over Singapore about now. 
It is her first visit back since starting University in February. 
In the weeks since we have kept in touch via Skype and Facebook. 
I love this modern world we live in!
I have been a busy little bee getting ready for her return:

1. Miss Tine (as we call her) loves Cath Kidston
I managed to pick up a duvet cover and a few pillowcases.
She will be delighted.
My recent research for the Guest Room post
I did a while back came in very handy for this project. 
A few daffodils from the garden 
will be the perfect touch for her bedside table.

2. Miss Tine loves to bake. 
She is going to love the Nigella Chocolate Pudding
recipe from an earlier post.
I did a trial run the other day and ....

3. Mother and Daughter movie nights are ready to go.
My Mambo Gelato post will come in hand here too.
I have organised all our DVD's into one large folder. 
Why I did not do this years ago is beyond me!

4. Shopping and tea seem to always be on the list when Mom is around. 
I have scouted out a few new areas in London and am good to go:) 

Miss Christine and Miss Claire are now 19 and 16
and I know they will be rolling their eyes over this photo...
 I am sure I will get something along the lines of 
'Oh Mother, you are such a loser'
but I can't help it... 
This is still one of my favourite photos of the 'girls' 
(and Mom in her 30's)
I call it a Mother's privilege!

Wishing one and all a wonderful weekend!
Jeanne :)

Images 1, 2 and 9 taken by me


  1. Love this post and your daughters are beautiful! Enjoy your time with your girl, and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Cute photo! Have a delightful time with your daughter I am doing a similar weekend but we are going away.
    Hugs from the hostess XO

  3. Oh how wonderful for you! Fantastic picks for movies! Enjoy your special weekend and don't eat too much chocolate, oh why not, go ahead, I might!


  4. What a lovely time you are going to have. You're right about skype, when our eldest was travelling in Australia last year, we were so glad when he could log in now and then.
    Oh yes, and thank you Jeanne for the friendly word of advice !!

  5. What an adorable pair of daughters!! I wish you a blissful weekend with Miss Tine!!

  6. Wow... I can really sense your excitement..Have a wonderful time with your girls Jeanne..

  7. Jeanne, I am sure you are going to have a fabulous weekend with your lovely daughters.
    Happy Easter.

    I got your note about the package making a return visit, via China, was that the note? Or did I miss something?

  8. How exciting. Mine were never that far away for that long. Enjoy having her home. Almost grown kids are the best!

    Pam @ Becolorful

  9. Love the photo from Long Beach so many years ago. You haven't changed a bit Jeanne. Have a wonderful time while Christine is home. Take lots of pics to share.

  10. What a beautiful post....you must be so excited!!

    Have a wonderful time together....wishing you a very happy Easter!! :)

  11. Jeanne that is so wonderful. I'm only just realising how wonderful it's going to be as the girls grow up. So - they are studying in NZ? Wow!! Great shot - although we can't see your gorgeous blue eyes. Love the sunnies ;-) HAPPY EASTER TO YOU TOO!!

  12. That is a gorgeous photo of you three, Jeanne! I love how happy you look (and very much resemble the Kennedys)!
    This post is so lovely in it's entirety. It's like opening up the old Victoria Magazine.
    Happy Easter with your daughter!

  13. Jeanne, have a wonderful time with your girl. Mine only lives 3 hours away not the other side of the world but I really miss her...so you must be busting at the seams.

  14. What a wonderful post Jeanne. I LOVE the photo of you and your girls..."Oh Mum"...
    Have a delightful weekend- full of wonderful movies, Mother-Daughter chats and chocolate pudding.

  15. Dear Jeanne,
    Lucky you to have Miss Tine home for a while. Our son and his wife are in the States on holiday at the moment and wont be home until mid-April and our daughter and boyfriend are off on Sunday to Singapore, Sydney and Bali, so our Easter will be quiet !!
    Enjoy having her home and have fun.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend.
    The photo of you and your girls is beautiful. XXXX

  16. Hooray for you Jeanne and fantastic post...
    I think you've picked the best of best for the DVD's ...[have to say that.. I have all of those in my collection also...haha]

    But really I can feel your excitement from here.. and understandably... must be hard to be so far from your children even if they are grown... The shot of you three is just terrific.. I can see why it is a favourite....Have a wonderful time with Miss Tine and a happy and safe Easter.. xxx Julie

  17. God Bless you all and keep you all safe, healthy and happy. Darling popped in to wish you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter.

    Love & Hugs

  18. Oh how lovely these photographs are Jeanne and wonderful to have your daughter home.... I am SO excited too as my darling girl is returning from France in a week or so when I am back in UK - I have not seen her since last November!! Have a really happy time and enjoy your Easter weekend too. x

  19. Thank you all for your well wishes, Miss Tine arrived and hasn't stopped talking! So much news to tell about University and plans for the future. We have already managed to steal away to a cafe to catch up on all the gossip...Happy Easter to one and all :)

  20. So happy for you and Miss Tine! Sounds like you two are going to have a wonderful, mother and daughter time!


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