Leading Lady: Charlotte Rampling

I am fascinated by the many faces of  Charlotte Rampling. I see her in movies every now and again and most recently in a french film, 'Twice Upon a Time' (Desaccord parfait). I was struck by her grace and style. 
Charlotte was born in England and educated in France and England. She lives in Paris and is just as stunning today as she was at the start of her career in 1965. There have been many films with 'Gregory Girl' being her first big break into the industry. She plays bold and meaningful characters. I would say she is illusive and mysterious as well. You get the sense that this is one woman you would not want to 'mess with'. 
In 2002 she returned to her first love, singing and produced 'Comme Une Femme'.  Since then she has been in theatre production's in London and Paris. If my calculations are correct she is 64 years of age and I imagine we will continue to see this lovely leading lady in film and theatre for many years to come. At least, I hope so!
As you can see, there have been many faces to Charlotte Rampling over the years, all beautiful and mysterious. 

Images and references from www.charlotterampling.net

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  1. Beautiful women just seem to get more beautiful as they age don't you think? I would love to look like that at 64 or even 54! 44's long gone!

  2. Hi - she is very beautifl - I read about her in The Sunday Times. She does have amazing cheek bones! I think that is why she has aged quite so well! Its genetic... LB x

  3. Hi Jeanne - The Sunday Times had an article about her last weekend (as mentioned by LB) I have put it aside to read...she does have an elegance and steeliness about her don't you think? x

  4. Thanks Louise and Susie, the magazine is still sitting on our kitchen table and I had not read it yet. Not a good sign since it is Wednesday...
    Good timing..I will read it now!

  5. For me she is an icon . She is so chic . With her, "less is more" has sense

  6. She is a classic beauty...her brows really frame her face and emphasize her eyes...her latest photos show that she is comfortable in her own skin.

  7. A woman who knows who she is.
    And those cheekbones!

  8. Hmmm- I think older women are so good looking! There is something about the character on the face. Of course it could be that it's because I'm getting older and adore the good-looking company...
    She's stunning really.

  9. Jeanne~ I just read the times article on Charlotte Rampling...she's my new hero-someone to inspire!!! And I cannot wait now for Street Dance!

  10. Oh Jeanne,
    Hasn't she got the most beautiful face ?... and those cheekbones are to die for. What I have always loved about her is that she gets on with her acting etc. and she mostly keeps her private life private. A beautiful woman, inside and out. XXXX

  11. It's those great cheekbones and no work done (I hope). She's a great classic beauty. Wonderful pictures.

  12. such strength. I adore her style.

  13. SHe's ever more beautiful now than when she was young I think. A graceful woman ages so beautifully. Up there with Audrey in my book!

  14. She is so beautiful, I can see why you are fascinated.

  15. I really really love Charlotte Rampling - she's been great in everything I've seen her in so far - Under the sand, Lemming, Swimming pool.... I need to see more, will check out the film you mention. She's got an incredible facial structure and certainly doesn't look 64! Would love to see her on the stage.


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