The 'M' Word

The 'M' Word

Last week while driving thru the English Lake District, 
I got to thinking.... 
as you do when you are driving for hours on end. 

My thoughts started with muffin, muffin top to be exact. 
I thought if I wasn't careful what once was mini would soon be large. 

I know some of you out there will know exactly what I am referring to. 
This thought of course then rolled onto the most dreaded 'M' word of all....

It is to early in the morning to continue along this train of thought 
but then I thought of mother and foolishly blurted out to all 
that we should play the 'M' game.  
Everyone was to list all the 'M' words they associate with mother.  

Are you ready?

From 10 year old son Connor 
maid, mental, mischievous and mistress (?..yes, I know)

From 16 year old daughter Miss Claire
: mayhem, money, mischievouss, misleading, moving, madness

From 19 year old Miss Tine 
silence...she is no fool.

My 20 year old son will read this post and be thankful 
that he was missing in action on this one.

From Mr. H
  magical, marvelous, merchant, moonlit, majestic

My questions:

Are son and daughter mischievous and mother is totally mystified?

Are they on to me and know that deep down mother is indeed most mischievous?

What does Miss Tine really think?

Was Mr H thinking of said mother or the view of the majestic countryside?

Last one from me...


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