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I have an idea. It may be crazy, in fact I am sure it is but one or two others might be keen. I need to get in shape. UGH...I know. For many this happens without a second thought. For some...who fight the 'M' thing it takes more effort and contemplation.

Geographic location is not an issue and I am not proposing anything to onerous. I am not a gym bunny nor am I a gym junkie. In fact, the mere mention of 'boot camp' and  I run the other way. I am kind of a walking, pilates, cut out the sweets, cut back on the wine and think healthy kind of girl. 

This is a mind over matter proposition. Once the mind is heading on the straight and narrow then the possibilities are endless. The thing is I need others who face a similar dilemma. Once we have a meetings of the minds than I think the momentum will be forthcoming. 

I find that once a goal is set and others are involved you can't lose. I am thinking of a system where we report in to share our thoughts, similar to writing in a journal. It can be daily; it can be whenever you like. We need to be realistic. Some days just do not work out the way you want. If we are sharing the same experiences we are more likely to be committed. At least, that is my hope. 

I have an aversion to using the word 'diet'. Weight seems to follow that word so I made a decision many years ago to ban it from my vocabulary.  I like to think of it as  'wellness' only because I like the dictionary definition: 'The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, excercise and habits'.

Blogger Wellness comes to mind....maybe the B-Well Report 
Just a seedling of an idea at the moment....

Your goal could be whatever you make it. It can be as simple as walking/ running a few miles everyday, bike riding, swimming, taking up a new sport, healthier eating or just getting thru a day free of temptations or maybe just fewer temptations. Whatever works for you. The purpose is to offer encouragement and support. This can happen thru our blogs or via group emails or even Twitter if you feeling so inclined.  That side of things can be worked out once the idea comes together. Who knows where this could take us??  

Am I crazy? It is ok to tell me if you think I am. It won't be the first and surely not the last. If you want to 'give it a go' as they say. You can leave a comment or send me an email at   If you do not have a blog but still want to join in the fun then that is ok too.

I am already feeling that today is the start of something new....

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  1. This is a fabulous idea. Sande from A Gift Wrapped Life started a cycling challenge a few weeks back {if you go to her blog you can find it from several weeks back}. I had just purchased a new bike and forged ahead with the challenge. She will post the miles that we accomplish each week. However with this recent rib injury I haven't been on my bike much-but will get back to it next week. I love your idea! Let's put our heads together at the beginning of the week. I am definately up for it!

  2. I am so in! I am not a gym bunny either and I know how much I need to do this. Its the "M" word for me also. I know how to do it and what not to eat, but it is so much easier to be chunky than skinny! And after having a sick kid with strep home for a couple days I think I have eaten everything that wasn't nailed down! Let me know because we can do this if we have other people to be accountable to!

  3. Debra..look forward to catching the meantime be sure to keep you feet up this weekend and rest!

    Thanks Megan...I will keep you posted. I used to do this a friend and found it helped. I figure the more the merrier!!

  4. Love it. I just posted something similar the other day. I'm weighing in on Fridays...and actually reporting the "up 1.3" or "down whatever." Last week I was up 1.3...even after trying to be good! Ugh. So yes, count me in! :)

  5. Hi there - love your blog(s)! Yep, your approach to exercise sounds like mine - gentle and incidental, short bursts, pleasurable, low sweat. I'd like to get up out of my office chair and walk at lunchtime, or take the stairs instead of the lift and walk or bike ride with the children more regularly. Just move it! I'll be first to sign up from the Southern Hemishere! Oops, now I feel some pressure! :-)

  6. Me too! I also did a post earlier this year (new year resolutions). My thinking is that we train our minds to strengthen our bodies. The 'mental' aspect of exercise is huge and if we get over that we can do anything. That said I am struggling with my fitness this year, I lack consistency and am definately up for reporting in..Lise

  7. Oh why not? Heaven's knows nothing else has worked. Let's go for it!


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