Swept Away

It has been many years since I travelled down this path 
but one can not help but be swept away 
remembering the pageantry of a wedding. 
I imagine these images fill many a girl's wedding file. 
Very Wang has that magic touch!



    Hope Mr H makes it home soon :) I have a friend stuck in Rome....it is the first time she has ever left her FIVE children, she and her husband are stuck there!!! Her parents are hoping she makes it home very soon :)

  2. I would love to do it all over again~ so differently, {dress} yet the same {guy}.

  3. These are beautiful gowns, Grecian enough to make me want to wear them even though I'm well married. Godspeed to Mr H. I like it that he's finding time to read your blog and offer advice. Avery cloud of ash has a silver lining, no?

  4. Oh, doesn't it make you want to get married again !! We never had this choice when we got married....all those 33 years ago !!!! haha. Our son is married but, we still have a daughter to get married so, I can live wedding dresses through her one day !! She is in Australia with her boyfriend and is going to Bali today for the last week of her holiday. They are due home at the end od the month but, I have a feeling that they will be stuck in Bali for a while as there will be a backlog of flights. Not a bad place to be stuck in, but I hope that the winds will come and blow that ash away soon for our daughter, your husband and everyone who is stuck abroad. XXXX

  5. Such beautiful images! I'm thinking a renewing of vows is a perfect way of getting to dress as a bride again. You should do it, Jeanne.

  6. Beautiful and Etherial! So many more choices these days. A bride-to-be must have so much fun.
    Lovely images- brings back memories of a magical day long ago.

  7. Hello, I am visiting from the Duchess' blog. Those gowns are Beautiful!!!

    I hope that your hubby can get home soon,

  8. What a fun post. It has been a long time since I wore one of these but they are still so fun to gaze upon. One of my favorite parts of Sex and The City The Movie was when Carrie was trying on all of those wedding gowns one after another. Oh sigh. Thanks for the romantic girlish vibes.

  9. Wonferful. It makes me want to get married , the dress is not the only reason

  10. Beautiful gowns, I love all the yards and yards of fabric. So romantic.


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