Women Supporting Women

April 15, 2010
Women’s Support
Becoming Our Own Role Models
There was a time where women stood together
 in a bond of sisterhood, women supporting women.

As women embrace the fullness of who they are as individuals, they may find themselves supporting other women, helping others to reach the level of inner comfort and outer freedom that they themselves have found. Among those who are less sure of themselves and their place in the world, it may be more common to criticize other women than to seek their help. But there are things that a woman can only learn from another woman, as there are things about being a man that can only be learned from other men. We all recognize that we have much to learn from each other regardless of gender, but sometimes we could use a supportive role model that gives us a more precise example of what and who we can become.

 There was a time where women stood together in a bond of sisterhood, women supporting women. It is only natural that the pendulum swings out of balance for a while so that we may have the experience of what we do not want. It is up to women to bring the pendulum back into balance and bring back the sacred sisterhood we yearn for at our core.

 If we envision a world where women support each other and help each other find their place in an ever-changing world, then we can become the change we want to see. Jealousy, envy, criticism, and judgment are refuges for the insecure. As we help others to become self-assured, we create a world in which all people help each other, regardless of gender. Only women can make the change in how women are seen and understood, not just by other women but by the world at large. The way we speak about each other to other women and to the men in our lives informs everyone to treat us with the respect that all women, and all people, deserve."

Image Artwork created by Gemma Orkin and Hanneke Benade~ AVA Gallery
Text by Daily OM

"become the change we want to see"
Love it!
PS.. Five years ago, whilst travelling in Africa I came across this image in a magazine.
I felt that someday, I would have use for it. I am glad it finally found a home.
The artists are South African and it is entitled "Flowers and Birds"
It is a series of tiles..what a great idea for a collection!


  1. Jeanne, I am so often impressed by the depth and originality of your posts, your blog is fairly unique because of that.
    I am equally in awe of your output, you are so prolific!
    This is a great text, especially the bit about the refuge for the insecure. What greater joy than to help others improve their self confidence.

  2. Thanks Sharon

    Prolific when I am trying to avoid cleaning the house is more like it!

    I appreciate your comments...very thoughtful!

    I have had one of those days where I have been in and out of touch with women who are feeling a bit vulnerable. The timing of this message was perfect for me and I thought it might hit a chord for others too. Glad you liked it :)

  3. Well done again Jeanne! I have often wondered at women who undercut, back-stab, or generally fail to support and help one another. It diminishes me in no way if I help someone else succeed, even when their success exceeds my own. You have always been a warm and faithful supporter of your friends here, and I hope you know how much we value your grace and generosity of spirit!

  4. Yes dear Jeanne~ this is a very timely piece. You have this ability of bringing women together of like minds... and reading between our lines. There is this series -you may have heard of it. The Housewives of Orange County, of New York, etc... I did watch a few episodes. It was so depressing really. I cannot imagine that women actually speak to other women like this. That they derive happiness from others failures. It would be funny, if it wasn't so pathetic.
    Thank you for these words of wisdom.

  5. Lovely post Jeanne. I can totally see the urge in you to empower women and love your optimism about the change that women could bring. And that is so true. If we allow ourselves to be a helping hand to each other, this world can definitely be a better place to live.

  6. Jeanne, as always, your post hits home. Blogging can be a great way for women to support each other by the way, don't you think?

    Being the change we want to see in the world is a notion that fills my every day. Thanks for the added boost

    Ange :-)

  7. Dear Jeanne,

    What is super cool is that you are a wonderful example of a supportive woman!
    I don't know why this post reminded me of my age. Not my birthday, but the level of maturity that has grown within me.
    When I was in my early 20's, I worked in a corporate environment and fully believed that I felt more comfortable in a conference room full of men rather than women. I guess I thought that with men, you knew where you stood while in a room full of women, it didn't seem so clear.
    Now, 20 years later, there is a strong connection with other women; a level of understanding. A security in learning from one another. Sometimes I will look at a younger woman and wonder if she has the same thoughts that I once did. Hopefully, she will realize the strength and comfort that exsists amongst our connection!

  8. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments.
    Some of my greatest joys in life are the connections I share with women. My blogging friends have added another wonderful layer! 

  9. Wish that more women would take supporting other women seriously. Oftentimes it feels that the success of others of our sex is met with envy and criticism. Too sad.

  10. I read the same magazine and have kept this cutting of the tiles too :-)


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