Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There is something about.....

I think these photos speak for themselves. 
But now that I see them side by side, I wonder...
First came Gerard in an email from Architectural Digest...who could resist? 
Last night I posted this photo of Richie McCaw on my Facebook page. 
Richie is the Captain of the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team. 
For four years while living in New Zealand, I was a faithful supporter. 
I miss watching them and seeing him:)

Yes, in case you are wondering, 
Mr. H is still trying to find his way home. 
He is driving somewhere between Switzerland and France. 
I just received this photo via text.
I think once he sees this post he will be picking up the pace.

Ah...the crazy ways and days of a blogger :)
(But you have to admit, they are cute!)

Images of Gerard ~Architecutual Digest 
Image of Richie~ NZ All Blacks via Facebook


  1. Yes, methinks you are missing your husband.

  2. Jeanne - I'm really happy to see that the airlines are back in business and Mr H can get home FAST...that's all I'm going to say....!!! x

  3. Hi know the way to my heart! What with this and another post I read today from Lemonade Makin' Mama talking about her husband's arms, I think we all miss our husbands!

    I hope your beloved gets home soon - its been a long few days!

    Louise x

  4. Put a bottle of bubbly one ice!

  5. Glad Mr. H is on his way home! And I don't think he'd begrudge you a little eye candy while he's away.

  6. MMMMMM.... yum... see what you mean! Pretty easy on the eye to say the least..
    Glad that Mr H is making his way home slowly - what a nightmare it has all been - first flight out that Mr SE can get is next Tuesday but he is working on it and ringing Qantas daily. x

  7. Now if we can just get Gerard playing rugby...! Hope Mr H gets home safely, soon.

  8. Hope hubby makes it home soon. Kim got out OK this morning from Toulouse then Paris so I'm sure things'll loosen up for him quickly.
    In the mean time - enjoy your magazines ;-) A girl needs to boost her morale in these trying times!

  9. Oh they sure are, Jeanne. Eye candy, indeed!
    Hope your sweetie gets home safe.

  10. Hi Jeanne, hope Mr.H will arrive soon at home, and what can I say about these two stunning men? Now I won´t be able to think about anything else during the day...Jeanne I have work to do!!!!
    Have a nice day!!! :)

  11. So happy Mr. H. is on his way! I could sit here and enjoy these pictures all day! I think most men can appreciate beauty even in this form!


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