Pledge to Serve- Anzac Day

Remembering all those brave men and women who 
stepped forth so valiantly to protect country and home. 
Past, present and future, how fortunate are we 
that they take the pledge to serve their country.

More than 3000 Australian Defence Force 
members are deployed around the world today.
Our prayers are with them as well.

My son, Patrick, is a third year cadet at the 
Australian Defence Force Academy.
He was one of the many who 
marched in commemoration of Anzac Day.
He hopes to make the Army his career.
I am proud of him for making that choice.

To read the latest news on Anzac Day coverage
from the Australian Government
Department of Defence


  1. Thank you for sharing this today Jeanne. What a special person your son must be. Please send him my best wishes for this ANZAC day.

    Take care and happy week,

  2. How proud you must be of your son, Jeanne. He certainly is brave! I wish him much success, and pray that he remain safely out of harm's way.
    Love to you!

  3. Thank you is days like today when you take that decision to heart :)

  4. Many thanks Natasha...he was very excited to be participating in Anzac Day. Marching is an event at ADFA!

  5. Wonderful thoughts Jeanne. Take good care and thanks to him, and our troops as well serving our country proudly.

  6. Life would indeed be difficult without people as these. Best wishes always. Proud mamma!

    Joy and peace always,

  7. Thank goodness there are brave people in this world, such as your son. Blessings to both him and you!

  8. And my darling brother has been in the ROyal Australian Navy now for over 18 years... Lucky us!! Lest we forget huh!

  9. Thanks for this timely reminder Jeanne - every good wish to your son for a long and successful Army career - how proud you must be of him...they are all brave boys and girls - our thoughts are with them and those serving their country in harm's way...we missed watching them this morning! Warm wishes, x

  10. I wasn't aware of ANZAC day, but am filled with awe and admiration for the brave young men and women who guard our freedoms so fiercely. I am sure it is a hard decision for a mother's heart, but you must be so proud of him, and the fact that you raised him with the courage and resolve needed for such a selfless decision. Bless you both and keep him safe to return to you.
    Best, always,

  11. Jeanne, I salute you. We'll keep an eye out for your boy in the ADFA parades. My boy has a 7-year old's fascination with all things military and it makes my heart skip a beat. It skipped two beats reading this post. Here's to the mothers and wives. xx

  12. HI Jeanne
    Well You must be very proud of your son... it is certainly a different era now to join the defense forces than what is was say last decade.. My godfather was in the Army all his life and my brother the Reserves and also marched in the ANZAC marches each year... A lovely tribute Jeanne.. xx Julie


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