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My lovely Aussie friend, Alinta, is planning a few weeks holiday in Paris and has asked if I could suggest areas and apartments that she could look into. My first thought was of all the well read, well travelled bloggers I have met these past few months! With all our international connections I thought someone might have a lead or two. I have had a quick glimpse on Google and am quickly approaching apartment envy! A little Parisian Pieds-de-terre. Who wouldn't?  I have a few sites in mind to pass along but wondered if anyone had anything extra special they could recommend?  Many Thanks :) :)


  1. Hi Jeanne - I think that the company Haven in Paris looks amazing and I have heard good things about them... - how lovely -for you a break in Paris with a good friend to look forward to! x

  2. Can we all join her...please!
    And Jeanne~ your earlier post~ here in the USA-I was'nt aware of this very special day. Congrats and thank you to your son- Please keep us up-to-date on his future plans.

  3. Hi Jeanne
    thanks for your comments on my ANZAC post.. I think it is certainly something we Australians hold dear to us...

    Now about Paris... my only recommendation is it should be me!! hehe.. Have a great day,.. xxx Julie

  4. I would LOVE to stay here...maybe sometime!

  5. Oh, I do love Paris! We've always stayed in hotels so I am just as curious to find out about apartments you and your readers recommend.

  6. Hi Jeanne, Don't you think that half the fun of a trip is the planning? I would definitely say it's a fun idea to find a little flat rather than a hotel. As a family we've always done this when visiting a new city and you just get a totally different feel of the place, AND you get to eat out 3 times a day!
    For Paris, there are loads of things to do obviously. I would say first of all that Paris is very small, they'll walk everywhere. For longer distances try to use the bateau-bus rather than the metro, and personally I'd try to find her a rental in the 6eme, Saint-Germain, small restaurants, street markets....
    Happy to give you more ideas if you wish.

  7. Haven in Paris has some great apartments, and i have stayed in Paris Perfect apartments in the 7th with amazing views of the tower.

    Apartments are really the best way to go!!


  8. Hi! I dropped in via Rose Tea Cottage (afternoon tea with the Duchess is a must!), saw your ANZAC Day post and HAD to leave a comment. My hub and I lived in Hawaii for awhile, around the corner from your Consulate General, actually) and attended a reception at his house after a tribute to ANZAC Day (each year in Hawaii). From Hawaii we went to Macedonia (hub's job). While there I read the third book in a trilogy by an Australian writer. Sorry, can't remember the name. Anyway, think the name of this book was Solomon...a large part of the book was about the Battle of Galilopi and truly stirring. So, we drove to Galilopi. OMG! I've visited some awesome places of worship in my life, but the battle site there -- an open air monument -- took my breath away. Even the birds chirp peacefully. And standing on that hill and looking down at that sliver of beach, well, I get goose bumps thinking about it. There is no better definition of bravery than ANZAC Day, mate!

  9. I was here for the 10th picture tag thing as I got distracted by this beautiful image! Ooh lalaaaah, love it, love it.

  10. Coucou Jeanne, I have a friend who has a small but attractive apartment in the 16th arrondissement that she may be willing to rent out at least for one of the weeks for a reasonable price. Otherwise, tell her to try the FUSAC website. The FUSAC is the France/USA contacts magazine/web and it's invaluable for all expats moving to Paris for everything from language lessons to holiday and full time rentals to clubs - EVERYTHING.

    Bisous and may your friend have a fabulous time.

  11. I love the design style of this apartment. It would be wonderful anywhere, but in Paris, it would be perfect. Enjoy the weekend. Rita


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