Marrakech on my mind...

Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains that are on my mind... 
and I have Winston Churchill to thank for that.

Mr H and I are off on an adventure...
a few days break from the chaos of home. 

Sunset over the Atlas Mountains by Winston Churchill, 1935 via


Last year, we visited Chartwell, the lovely country home of Winston Churchill 
and now a National Trust property. Not a grand home by English country home 
standards, but a charming home, a thoughtful home. 

 I adored his art studio where he would let his thoughts roam and put brush onto canvas. 
Many of his paintings are still there and in the midst of them all I discovered Marrakech 
and the Atlas Mountains.  It became a dream destination. 


It was the publication of a book, by his granddaughter, The Hon. Celia Sandys,  that got the ball rolling for me. On a flight to Jerusalem in 2010, I read an article about her then recent book, 
Chasing Churchill, The Travels of Winston Churchill. Celia has written five books about her grandfather, with her most recent book (below) made into a three-part television documentary, here. The idea to travel to Marrakech has stuck ever since. 

images via

Mr. H, a keen adventurer and lover of surprises
did just that with this trip. We are in and out, in our usual one week's 
travel fashion. Off on Monday, returning Friday...I'll take it, anyway I can get it.

So...dear friends, have you been to Marrakech or the Atlas Mountains? 
Any suggestions for us?

Of course, for those of you who have followed me for a while, 
you know what is coming next...POSTCARDS.

My postcard mailing list is growing and I am delighted. 
I have little notes next to names with interests and the locations of the last postcards sent.

Some of you share the same passion for postcards and have told me your interests...
some are looking for English countryside scenes...some like to use them on their inspiration board... others love colours and happy reminders. I love your notes.

Every little detail helps, I tailor them the best I can. If you would like to join 
in the postcard fun, you can write to me with your address
If you would like one from Morocco, let me know, if you would prefer one from London, 
let me know that as well. I buy cards in twos and threes and have a wide variety. 
If you would like a surprise, let me know that too.

Someday, I will make something of this passion of mine
Perhaps I will think on that one when we settle in Vietnam at the end of the year.

I have lots more for you, The Brown Paper Book Club is taking shape too...
more on that when I return!


Love postcards?
Email me your address:
All I ask, is that you let me know when it arrives, 
as always, I love hearing from you!

Already on the postcard list and would like another?
Let me know that too ;)

As always....
Thank you for following me @ Collage of Life
I adore you!

 images as noted, all others via me


  1. Hello Jeanne,

    Happy Sunday afternoon! I hope you have a wonderful adventure! I have not been to Marakech but I have been to Casablanca and find Morocco an interesting country.

    I have read many books about Churchill and have seen a documentary, do not know if it the one you speak of, about his love for painting, his travels and they showed his work from marakech.

    Be safe on your adventure! Enjoy the beauty!


  2. I will always love getting postcards from you Jeanne. I wish I could return the favour, but unfortunately I don't travel as much as you do. But I live vicariously through your trips:-)

    Have a wonderful time - will look forward to postcard, posts and pictures.:-)

  3. Thanks Elizabeth...I added a link to the documentary, I think it is the one you are referring to... :) are on my list, as always! :)

  4. Oh I do miss our emails and contacts. Have a wonderful journey Jeanne. xxx Debra

  5. I would love another postcard Jeanne (am I being greedy?).
    The Hundred Foot Journey has just arrived in Victoria BC (with Victoria!) I know she will be posting about it soon.

  6. I loved receiving my postcard last year! I hope I receive another : )

  7. Oh I'm wild with envy! Have always wanted to visit Marrakech. It has the most sublime hotels and hideaways, and the architecture is apparently astonishing. See if you can visit YSL's famous Marjorelle gardens (, and the legendary La Mamounia hotel, recently redesigned by Jacques Garcia. And the boutique Atika (34 Rue de la Liberté, Guéliz; 212-524/436-409) reportedly has great leather Tods-style loafers for under $40. Perfect for travelling. Have a gorgeous time! Can't wait to see the photos. Janelle McCulloch | LIbrary of Design

  8. Ah, my beautiful FBM! Off on yet another adventure. You know I have my holidays vicariously through you, don't you? Your cards are all destined for my (now 3!) inspiration boards. You know I adore blue and green but I imagine Marrakech will be more vibrant than that. Bon voyage! J x

  9. So happy for you. Have a grand time!

  10. Hi Jeanne! Enjoy your adventures! I'd love a postcard if you could - I think you have my address? Happy Travels and safe home! xoxo

  11. I have quite a large postcard collection. My mum and aunts, when they were young, had lots of penfriends and I had found their large collective collection in my grandma's cellar. The notes make interesting reading - especially the ones they got from their male admirers :)

  12. How fabulous!
    Stop in at Peacock Pavilions and say hello to Maryam!
    And of course, I'd adore a postcard from Marrakesh.
    Have fun!!

  13. Dear Jeanne,
    Wishing you both a wonderful week in Marrakech. You will LOVE it.....the fortified city, the bustle of the squares with acrobats, storytellers, water sellers, dancers and musicians.
    I would LOVE a postcard Jeanne. I am beginning to get quite a collection from you now.
    Much love and a safe journey. XXXX

  14. I'm fascinated by Morocco, Marakech, Casablanca -- so I'm not surprised you are, too!

  15. Have a wonderful time! I Churchill found so much relaxation in painting. It was one of the few things he could do to slow down his incessant mind. I would love a postcard. Something evocative of old Marrakesh, since I've never been there. I'll send you my address!

  16. Enjoy your journey to Marrakesh and Atlas Mountains.
    I saw article recently-Dishes of Marrakesh-in the Travel +Leisure magazine December 2011.-"a dizzying array of flavors…"

    I have an old copy of a small book-Painting as a Pastime by Winston Churchill-an essay reprinted from his book Amid These Storms.


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