Sweet 21....

 I am sending a shout out to my daughter, Miss Christine,
for a deliciously Happy Happy Birthday!
She turns 21 today and she is one excited girl.
I on the other hand, am wondering where the time has gone...

Christine has her own theory on turning 21 and has turned her fingers to keyboard...

"The number '21' has been my lucky number since I can remember. I distinctly recall informing my kindergarten 'crew' that I would be living alone, married and all grown up by the time I turned twenty-one. I also recall telling them that I would live in a castle and be a princess, so i might have been a bit of a dreamer but the foundation was there! "

"Okay, so I might be classified as an adult in all major areas of the globe come midnight, but what is it to be an adult anyway? Must i relinquish my love for puddle jumping in my bright, pink Hunter wellington boots? The immature giggle at all that is inappropriate? If so, I will stay the way I am please. "

"Bring on the responsibility. I don't expect being an adult to be a breeze. Just like I don't expect life, no matter how old you are, to be a breeze. Life is windy. Windy, rainy, sunny, snowy...a bloody weather extravaganza if you ask me! I make no promises that I shall wake up tomorrow and be filled with a sudden sense of maturity. "

"Twenty-one or not, my life is going to be far from boring. I shall make mistakes, complain, laugh and chuck a tantrum once in a while. Growing up is over-rated. Remember when you were young and couldn't wait to hit double-digits? Yikes! I can remember getting rather upset with my dad as he annually informed me that he would like to place bricks on my head to stop me from growing. Joke was on me though! Welcome to the life of the shortest of four, despite being the second oldest."

If there is one thing my daughter is not short on it is words...she loves to talk, 
she loves to write and most of all she loves to laugh...she is one of four lights in my life 
and I am so very very lucky to have her lighting my way. 

Lilly and Rose is a project Christine is working on,
it is her own creation and I love all that follows...especially her thoughts on pearls...

"My love for pearls started from a young age. We all have memories of hiding ourselves in our mother's closets. I was one who tended to stick my nose in the jewelry box. Placed next to classic scents such as Channel No 5. and Shalimar, my mom had a gorgeous collection of jewelry. Filled with timeless pieces (which she still dazzles in today), pearls have always been an ever-present item in her individual sense of style. To say 'like mother, like daughter' would be an understatement. The woman dresses in crazy caftans and purple palazzo pants - and i adore it. Matched with my current love for leopard print, the two of us are an unstoppable duo!"

To my
Pretty in Pink Puddle Jumper
in Leopard Print...
I send beautiful wishes for a wonderful 21st year.
May it be filled with all the promise and dreams
you have always hoped for.
From your
Purple Paisley Palazzo Loving Mother


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful and well written christine!

    I love this post and would love to see photos of the purple palazzo pants and your collection of caftans!

    Have a wonderful birthday celebration!


  2. Hello Jeanne

    Wishing Christine a very happy twenty first and may the good times be just beginning.

    You deserve to be very proud of her. She is independent and beautiful and has a love for life.

    Helen xx

  3. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl and her lovely and as should be, ever so proud mum x

  4. Happy 21st Birthday wishes to your daughter. Sounds like she is the right path to a great 21st year and many more.

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter Christine! What a sweet post!

  6. Nice post ladies, Happy birthday Christine you are on track for having a wonderful life.

  7. Best wishes Sweet 21.
    Congratulations to the mother.

  8. Congratulations to Christine. She seems to have the same zest for life as her mother:-)

    Sorry for the lack of comments lately - a lot is going on, but I do read along.

  9. What an adorable mother/daughter post! Happy Birthday, Ms. Christine!!!

  10. Happiest of Birthdays to your sweet daughter!
    Children are such a joy and so precious.
    What a lovely post of you and your daughter...so very heart warming.

  11. So where did those 21 years go? I'm sure it feels like yesterday that she was tiny with her pink umbrella. Christina has a real talent with words and I'm enjoying following her blog.

  12. What a beauty, Jeanne! :)Happy Birthday to your daughter from Germany! ... and all the good wishes what a young girl is looking for... :)

    A lot of love is in the air....I can feel it through the words.

    Beate XXX

  13. A very happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  14. Oh Jeanne

    I've just found your wonderful blog and become your newest follower.
    Such a great day to arrive here and read this marvellous post!!

    Felicitations to your lovely daughter (she sounds very grounded) and congratulations to you for being the mother you have been, with your pearls & purple palazzo pants (love it)!!!

    My daughter (living in France)has just had her 3rd daughter, we skyped & I photograped my new GD on my computer screen! - technology!!!

    I would love you to come & visit me one day, I'll get out my prettiest teacups (or wine glasses) and make you very welcome!

    Shane in New Zealand

  15. Goodness, she's be beautiful at every stage of her life!
    Happy Birthday to Christine!

  16. Oh how sweet. Wishing Christine a very wonderful 21st. I too have always considered 21 to be my lucky number - because I was born on the 21st (21st January to be exact).

  17. Happy, happy birthday to a beautiful girl!

  18. What a wonderful post, Jeanne! Happy Birthday, Christine!


  19. Many happy returns Christine. You share your mum's talent for entertaining posts. Louise xx

  20. She is a delight, and as all have mentioned, just starting her adventures in living..she sounds very much on top of things for a 21 year old!

  21. Angie Muresan has left a new comment on your post "Sweet 21....":

    She is stunning, just like her mother. Happy 21st, beautiful Christine!

    PS..sorry Angie, accidentally deleted!

  22. Oh Jeanne, what a post to be treasured. Happy 21st, Miss Christine! You have a glorious life ahead of you. J x


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