Postcards from a Morocco

Morocco...Day 4

Nestled into the high Atlas Mountains, an hours drive from Marrakech, 
she writes by the window and sends thanks to all who have joined in on her postcard promise. 
She is overwhelmed and extremely happy to be thinking of each and every one 
as she writes from... 'Kasbah Tamadot'..

More on Marrakech and the  high Atlas Mountains of Morocco to come...
Mr. H keeps reminding me that I should be relaxing as I am on vacation.
I can think of no better way to relax than to write to friends...

Sending best wishes to one and all.....
Jeanne xx

PS.. (Tamadot translates to 'soft breeze' in the local Berber language)


  1. Jeanne,

    Enjoy your vacation! I hope that you are taking in the splendor of oyur surroundings, relaxing, reading and eating! Have a great time and be safe.


  2. how gorgeous are these pictures? not only of the Atlas mountains, also picutre number 1 is a beauty

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I can't imagine awaking to look out at such beauty. Enjoy your respite. Bonnie

  4. Absolutely stunning photos, Jeanne! Thanks for taking a little time out of your vacation to think of us! --Joe

  5. What a lovely place! It seems so peaceful and serene.
    I imagine the air is so fresh and sitting by the pool would be divine : )
    I am wishing you a lovely and relaxing vacation.

    p.s. thank you for thinking of us while you are away
    : )

  6. Gorgeous place to be, lucky duck!

  7. Indeed, do relax and just let the color and texture of Morocco wash over you. Morocco is one of my most favorite travel experiences....I envy you.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous jeanne! How sweet you are to write to everyone on your vacation!

  9. Gorgeous or glorious or both-to describe your photos and the place where you are and what you are doing.

  10. What a stunning place, it looks very relaxing. Enjoy yourself.

  11. What a beautiful place!
    We do have beautiful blue skies here today so not so bad for us!
    Have a relaxing break.
    Louise x

  12. Postcards are one of the most divine elements of travel ...... for both those who send and those who receive! Grateful that you share your "worldly" life with those who can only be armchair travelers.

  13. Oh my -- you do get around! While I loll about Canberra and travel as far as the coast. Glad you received the Brown Paper Book Club Book. It's the first novel of Susan Duncan's. Her other autobiographical books about Salvation Creek tell the history of the house that Dorothea McKellar lived in on Pittwater. I don't know when you find time to read though :o) -- except on flights! Safe travels! Deb x

  14. Oh mu gosh- Jeanne- my husband & i made this same amazing trip last year together...

    Now, back home on the beaches of Sydney, from our four years in England- and travels like these- my heart is racing with excitement and love at your pictures and words...

    Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains are truly magic spots in a wonderful huge world...

    Enjoy xxx

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  15. How spectacular, Jeanne! I can't believe the places you find. Just jaw-dropping. Enjoy every second of it. J x

  16. A magificent oasis in the desert - Sir Richard Branson is a genius!!

    What an experience for you both - have fun!!

    Anniversary weekend here so out sailing on Monday - fingers crossed for the weather!


  17. Enjoy!! This is on my list of places I MUST go someday. Looking forward to hear more.

  18. Amazing scenery, but I do love the first photo the best!

    hope you had a special time there.

  19. you are such a good friend Jeanne!!!...really thank you for taking the time from your vacation to write to us both postcards and your trip update!
    i am glad i have a friend as you...
    enjoy Morocco for all of us :)

  20. What absolutely glorious photos. Thank you.

  21. The photo of the desk with that beautiful background is so absolutely perfect. Is it what you expected?

  22. What a beautiful, wonderful place to visit, relax and write! Your postcards are treasures; I have all of mine together in a special journal of notes from friends.



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