Embracing Your Muse...

I woke this morning to words of inspiration from Daily OM and have been thinking on them all day. When that happens, I know it is time to share. Today I am pondering creative inspiration and the muse within us. I must have known this was coming when I took the photo above on a recent visit to Dresden, Germany. I couldn't resist this statue, it spoke to me about life and the importance of embracing it all...today she is my muse.

Perhaps the following will inspire you as well, I hope so!

Embracing Your Muse...  
Inspiration is an intangible yet inseparable part of the creative process. Nearly all creative possibilities are related to the muses that inspire us. The ancient Greeks believed that all creation, whether artistic or scientific in nature, was motivated by goddesses who served as the literal embodiment of inspiration. These were the Muses the givers of the creative spark. We still rely on muses to drive the creative process, though ours may take a diverse range of forms. People we meet, intriguing ideas, movies, books, nature, and cultural ideals all have the potential to awaken our imaginative minds. When we are touched by our muses, we understand viscerally that we are capable of producing our own unique kind of greatness.

Many people move through life unaware of the presence of their muse. This lack of awareness can be compounded by the fact that we may have one muse that remains with us throughout our lives, multiple muses that inspire us concurrently, several muses that come and go as necessary, or a single muse that touches us briefly at specific moments. You will know that you have found your muse when you encounter a force that makes you feel courageous enough to broaden the range of your creativity. The presence of this force will erase your self-doubt and motivate you to give your thoughts and feelings form. Should your muse continue to elude you, however, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of falling under its inspired influence. If you surround yourself with people who support you, keep a pen and paper handy, immerse yourself in culture, and brainstorm frequently, you will soon reconnect with your muse.

Once you have identified your muse, embrace it... 
by giving yourself over to the creative inspiration it provides. No matter what you are moved to create, you will find that neither fear nor criticism can penetrate the wonderful bliss that goes hand in hand with the act of taking an idea and turning it into something the whole world can enjoy.

You can learn about Daily OM here. 
I receive messages like the one above, daily. 
It can make all the diffence in a day. :)

Best wishes for an inspiring week!

Jeanne xx


  1. I love Daily Om. AND you have become one of my muses. The blogging world is so incredibly rich with women (and men) living their lives with creativity and integrity. It always brightens my day. Happy Weekend!

  2. Jeanne, you are right about the bliss that comes with being inspired and creating something of your own. All the worries and cares that are normally with us simply go away during the wonderful time of creation. We are completely in the moment. Wonderful post! Have a great weekend.

  3. Beautiful text. I didn't knew the website, thank you for share it!

    Have a good weekend

  4. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. That figure is out of this world.
    Jeanne I get daily messages from the Universe http://www.tut.com/resources/notes/
    I love them and they certainly do seem to give me that little added energy to get on with the day.
    Hope this year is treating you well xx

  6. Ah...I needed this today, Jeannie. That statue is perfect for the words you shared with us from the Daily OM. I am working on a project that scares me a bit as I'll have to put a lot of me in it, and I'm not sure how to share that part of me yet (a food blog). Hopefully, my muse will come to my rescue. Great, great post.

  7. I will have to check that out. I think my muse is on holiday at the moment as all I have to write about is my dog!
    Di :-)

  8. Every once in a while I know this "creative space".
    Thank you for the inspiration to stay connected to it.
    A lovely weekend to you too <3

  9. Thank you for visiting with me yesterday and your kind comments. You really made my day. AND while I was reading your blog I ran across your post on staying true to your voice. I really needed to be reminded of that. Thank you!

  10. Jeanne,

    This is such a beautiful photograph! I love it, and I love the passage from the Daily Om. Thank you for sharing this and for hopefully spuring us to our creative space. I am having trouble with that lately, I feel like the new year has stollen my mojo!

    Either that or I am tired.

    I hope you have enjoyed a fabulous weekend, take cae my friend. Elizabeth

  11. My, what a talented group this is...thank you for your post and the referral to DailyOM..

  12. I have been inspired by a few muses in my life. It's like being in love. or is it? Or more?
    Starting next Thursday I will attend a course for 6 weeks through Sonma State University titled Muse In Their Own Right. The muses are: Theano
    ( ancient Greek mathematician and wife of Pythagoras), Hypatia (Neo-Platonic pholosopher, and subject of Raphael's painting School of Athens), Heloise (Medieval
    pholosopher and abbess and muse of Peter Abelard), Clara Schumann (Composer, and muse to both Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms), Saint Clare and Brother Jacoba (muses of St. Francis),Camille Claudell (sculptor and model and muse of August Rodin), Alma Mahler (composer, and wife of Gustav Mahler), Lou Andreas Salome (beloved of Frederich Nietzsche and Rainer Maria Rilke). I hope to learn about muses.

  13. I communed with my muse last week. Had to leave town to find her, but she was waiting for me. A rather mercurial creature, she refuses to appear when I demand it. She often travels with Edward.

  14. Great info .. thanks for sharing!


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