An extraordinary travel Laos

Imagine for a moment, that you are lounging on a private longboat, floating down the Mekong River along the shores of Luang Prabang in Laos. The day is yours, you are there to experience life on the mighty Mekong and have until well after sunset to do so. You are in the capable hands of a knowledgeable guide who is only to happy to share the beautiful countryside that is her home, a place you know little about. You hop off and on the boat happily taking in all the sights around you...cameras at the ready.

Your guide looks at you quizzically with each disembarkment, it is an all too familiar look...three cameras? You are grateful she does not ask...because, yes, three cameras are necessary and you do not want to explain why. Time is of the essence. You are even more grateful for your travel partners, husband and son, who will fill you in on anything you might miss as you wander on your own. They know you well...and have the patience of saints.

The hours pass, the sun slowly drops behind the are are astonished by the beauty around you.  And then you see it, the gentle the sway of the curtains as they embrace the afternoon sun. That is the moment when you is one you will never forget. It encapsulate the essence of everything that has passed before you. It is your travel moment.

I have a feeling a few like minded souls will know that feeling...when you connect with an experience in an extraordinary way. I could write about this at length but at some point you might start to think I am away with the I will stop and just say...we went to Luang Prabang in Laos last week and we loved it.

On this day we visited the pottery village of "Ban Chan", the rice paper and weaving village of "Ban Xang Khong" and The Holy Caves of Pak Ou, caves cut into a limestone cliff with thousands of Buddha statues inside. Best of all, we experience a full day of life on the mighty Mekong, an experience not to be missed if you have the good fortune to travel to Luang Prabang. A place I highly recommend! Here are a few of the reasons why..... ( I am hoping the photos speak for themselves).

On and off the Mekong River
Luang Prabang, Laos
October, 2014

In anticipation of the moon....

 A splendid night;
the moon shines with extraordinary brilliancy,
 silvering the surface of this lovely river, 
boarded by high mountains, 
looking like a grand and gloom rampart. 
The chirp of the cricket alone breaks the stillness.

Explorer, Henri Mouhot
travels on the Mekong River
July 15, 1861

More to follow on our trip to Laos,
wishing you a wonderful week from Saigon...

Jeanne :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs and I love the quote...........Thanks for taking us along on your journeys,

  2. Magical. The 1861 quote is a find and perfect for this photo essay.

  3. Hello Jeanne, Mr H and Connor,

    I am speechless. Your images and the mode of transportation could not be better. The image of the child with the colourful umbrella is one of my favourites.
    Continued joy and smooth sailing

    Helen xx

    1. Thank you was a special memory, not unlike the mermaid one that I just mentioned in your comment. :) xx

  4. What a wonderfully contrasting trip after coming from the pastoral hills of New Hampshire. Love the photo of the little child with the umbrella. How exciting for Connor to have a school break filled with this beauty!

    1. A very lucky boy indeed Sarah! I count myself in that circle after reading your recent post. Thanks so much for the mention, I am thrilled that you enjoyed your time in New Hampshire. Fingers crossed!! :)

  5. You so want to make me go back to this part of the world. The Mekong River is full of wonder as your photos so beautifully show.

  6. Jeanne, you really do live a fairy tale life, and we're lucky enough to get to go along for the ride! :-)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of Kauai, as it must have been 50 years ago. And then the layer of Asian, rather than Polynesian culture. Beautiful. How wonderful to bring your son too.

  8. Oh Jeanne, the Mekong looks like such an exotic place. Your photos are beautiful. My favourite is the very first one.

  9. The Moment! You captured it perfectly. I have to admit, I stayed there for a while before reading more. I could feel the breeze and inhale the air. The light is amazing as well. Tell me, is it quiet?
    Love all of the photos. I can see why you would stop often. Thank you Jeanne. xo

  10. Truly an extraordinary travel moment. I would pose lounging on the day bed while floating on the Mekong River. Your photos are wonderful!

  11. You make me dream ... Your photos makes me travel ...I want to go there ..thank you for sharing

  12. aah, the joys of sure makes one into a story teller.. thanks for your insight always Jeanne.. your pics are just amazing! I adored Laos.. could move there in a flash!

  13. The photos most certainly do speak for themselves and I was delighted to see them leap onto my desktop screen after the confines of instagram. Yes, I do know of the moment that you spoke of so eloquently...the first photo gave me goosebumps!

  14. Thank you so much for taking us with you on your journey. Your fabulous photos capture every essence of this lush and exotic part of the world. That top photo is an award-winner.

  15. My Mekong river boat was nowhere near as elegant as yours!! Although I didn't get to Laos sadly, I did so love learning about river life in Vietnam!
    Your pics are beautiful and thank you Jeanne for sharing and bringing back memories of my trip. You had better weather than I did too - such lovely sunshine. I'd love to return.

    Hugs - Mary

  16. This was a wonderful reminder how beautiful Laos is. and floating on the Mekong is sure once in a lifetime
    experience. When I did it I felt nearly enlightened through the peaceful surrounding, the calm in the Pak Ou
    and the river itself has a special appeal. Though I know how your feeling was... so glad for you you did it and your pics are beautiful too.

  17. Thank you Jeanne.
    A beautiful country with beautiful people. Your photos are wonderful. I'm always fascinated by the story of Buddha. I would love to visit that Holy Cave.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Beautiful post..."connect with an experience in an extraordinary way." Reading your blog opens those memories kept like pictures in an album. Thank you

  19. wow. I would love to visit there someday… I just love the sound of Luang Prabang.
    Beautiful post.


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