Be the soul....

Thinking in Saigon..

And so it begins again...this crazy mixed up world of mine. I am in the throws of packing for my return to the USA, feeling as I always do, split between countries. Half excited, half nervous, half sad, half joyful. I am never sure which order to put it all in...or if I even need to put it in an order. Just being should be enough..but I am not quite there yet. 

I'll be honest, as exciting as it all in Vietnam, living in the USA..having children in Australia and America.. it's not easy. Sign up for an expat life and you are in for an adventure, no doubt about it...just don't lose your wits along the way. If you do, it can be hard locating them again. 

You give yourself a lot of pep talks, you need to. You learn to live short term...thinking ahead in three to six month fragments of time. You answer a lot of questions from family, friends and strangers...never quite sure how to answer them, you just do the best you can.

You don't dwell on the ifs, ands or buts because life is too short. 
You just work towards the next place to hang your hat. 

Counting Chateau Mango

Once you decide how many hats it will take to 
do so and in which country to hang them..
you are nearly there.

By my side, a Happy Chubby Buddha and a Singing Bowl 

You find your center, fill it with peace 
and if that doesn't work, 
you pull out the Singing Bowl
and bang the heck out of it while smiling 
at a Happy Chubby Buddha.

Make like a bird...

 If you are smart, you think like a bird, 
perch yourself, rest for a while,
 and fly...
and when you land..
you be the soul of that place. 

Be the soul..

Tonight I stand in Saigon, my soul is here.
Tomorrow I fly to the USA.
The next day I will be standing at Tahilla Farm
and I will be the soul of that place once again.

It's done. It's ready.
Moving day is in three days.
Can you believe it??
I can't!

Until next time..
wishing you a wonderful day/evening
wherever you are in this world.

Catch you on the other side.


Jeanne xx

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