Be the soul....

Thinking in Saigon..

And so it begins again...this crazy mixed up world of mine. I am in the throws of packing for my return to the USA, feeling as I always do, split between countries. Half excited, half nervous, half sad, half joyful. I am never sure which order to put it all in...or if I even need to put it in an order. Just being should be enough..but I am not quite there yet. 

I'll be honest, as exciting as it all in Vietnam, living in the USA..having children in Australia and America.. it's not easy. Sign up for an expat life and you are in for an adventure, no doubt about it...just don't lose your wits along the way. If you do, it can be hard locating them again. 

You give yourself a lot of pep talks, you need to. You learn to live short term...thinking ahead in three to six month fragments of time. You answer a lot of questions from family, friends and strangers...never quite sure how to answer them, you just do the best you can.

You don't dwell on the ifs, ands or buts because life is too short. 
You just work towards the next place to hang your hat. 

Counting Chateau Mango

Once you decide how many hats it will take to 
do so and in which country to hang them..
you are nearly there.

By my side, a Happy Chubby Buddha and a Singing Bowl 

You find your center, fill it with peace 
and if that doesn't work, 
you pull out the Singing Bowl
and bang the heck out of it while smiling 
at a Happy Chubby Buddha.

Make like a bird...

 If you are smart, you think like a bird, 
perch yourself, rest for a while,
 and fly...
and when you land..
you be the soul of that place. 

Be the soul..

Tonight I stand in Saigon, my soul is here.
Tomorrow I fly to the USA.
The next day I will be standing at Tahilla Farm
and I will be the soul of that place once again.

It's done. It's ready.
Moving day is in three days.
Can you believe it??
I can't!

Until next time..
wishing you a wonderful day/evening
wherever you are in this world.

Catch you on the other side.


Jeanne xx


  1. wow. didn't realize you were so close to moving back to the US. Know it will be fun setting things at the Farm and filling your new spaces with bits and pieces from all the old spaces where you have lived. While life here may not be as exciting or exotic as the places you've been for the past 20+ years, you are so lucky to have had the adventure of living all over the world. Welcome home. Hope it's just the beginning of a new adventure.

    1. Thank you Webb, much appreciated! The adventure contintues both here and back in Vietnam. I have a feeling 2016 will be an interesting one… ;)

  2. Travel safely, dear Jeanne. I know how challenging it can be to have our heart pulled in so many directions. Tahilla Farm is a project that has been in your heart and dreams for so long...and now it has come true! I am wishing you nothing but happiness and wonderful discoveries on the path ahead.

  3. Oh Goodness! This isn't just for a visit? You're really returning?? How wonderful. Christmas at Tahilla Farm! I see a long lunch in our future now that we're on the same continent. Safe travels, my friend! xx

    1. Here for Christmas and then back and forth a bit Pamela. Definetly here more now that the house is done. Next year's project is landscaping, much to do…and it will need lots of TLC…in person. ;) xx

  4. My daughter embarked on an ex-pat's life this year, following her partner to his job in Rome, their little girl now becoming bilingual. So it's interesting for me to have been reading your perspective on this. In some odd way I'm still sorting out, I've become a kind of ex-pat through her move as well, part of my heart, at least, now residing in Italy, the rest of me determined to join it there at least twice a year....thanks for offering a positive perspective on this and all the best for your move.

  5. Wishing you safe travels and a warm welcome back home. Hugs!

  6. Sending only good wishes and happy positive thoughts to you Jeanne, as you wend you way back to "Tahilla" to begin your newest adventures, and for as long as your shoes sit at that front door. You have an amazing life, as confusing and tumultuous as it may seem at times. Keep giving it your all.....we'll just sit back and enjoy the ride!! " Home is where your story begins" ❣

  7. See you on the other side Jeanne. I can't wait to see Tahilla Farm. I am sure it will look just delightful when you're done with it and have unpacked all your treasures.

  8. Happy setting up your new farm home Jeanne .. and the cherry on the top is you'll all be together for Christmas. . What a bonus .. travel safely X j

  9. I am so excited you will be at Tahilla Farm...what a wonderful time!

  10. Jeanne how exciting that you are finally moving into Tahilla Farm. I love the analogy of the bird in the tree, fly and when you land be the soul of the place. I have no doubt you are a very important soul wherever you land. Sending you fondest wishes for a smooth trip. I will be looking forward to hearing from you from this side.

    Helen xx

  11. Dear Jeanne, like a bird .... Fly safely home & enjoy...
    Tahilla is a dream come true and everyone home for Xmas is what we all wish for πŸ˜‡ as parents.
    See you soon, I treasure our shared moments& miss you on this side of our planet.

  12. Safe travels sweet friend.
    I love your blog postings
    Love you

  13. YOU Told me last time BUT I have forgotten the answer.........SO< THIS IS IT.YOU are headed due WEST To STAY PUT?NO, I do think so, just for a brief stay of a few months..........anyways How great to have you only 3 hours ahead of me now!!!YOUR FARM NEEDS YOU and YOU NEED YOUR FARM!XX

  14. Safe travels and a swift settling in! An exciting time for you all!

  15. Sending you love in your new home...I'm sure you are always the soul, Jeanne and a very beautiful one journey. xx

  16. Best wishes for smooth flying all the way to your Tahilla Farm home. From what you have written, I take it that although the Tahilla renovation is complete and you will be moving into Tahilla Farm, you will continue to have your Chateau Mango home in Saigon. Is your dog coming with you to Tahilla Farm for Christmas? How does he travel? Blue skies, Leslie in Oregon

  17. Jeanne, I had the same feelings when I was traveling between the continents more than one century. Now settled down even not in my home country, finally I can say that's my place where I want to stay for long
    and I gave up extensive voyages as well. For me it's now time to relax and get more peace into my life.
    That's what I wish for you too.

  18. I'm the mom of an expat. My son recently left Japan...and is now residing with his wife in London. It always sounds like my son is on a constant adventure...He loves that lifestyle! Safe travels! It's going to a wonderful holiday season at Tahilla Farms! ;)

  19. Oh, how exciting! Though I can understand your mixed emotions. Can't wait to see how it turned out. And like Pamela, I see a long lunch in our future. Welcome to our continent!

  20. I am so excited for you Jeanne. Welcome back to the States!
    ps I just found went to a sound healing session led by a wonderful man with some amazing singing bowls! just learning about them now. :)

  21. By now you should be in Tahilla Farm and starting a different housekeeping and daily chores from daily life in Vietnam. Fall and winter will be a new discovery and exciting.

    I wish you and your family an enjoyable stay in New Hampshire.

  22. By now you should be in Tahilla Farm and starting a different housekkeping and daily chores from daily life in Vietnam. Fall and winter will be a new discovery and exciting.

    I wish you and your family an enjoyable stay in New Hampshire.

  23. I just get this. I want to be that wise bird. I honestly cannot believe the house is ready. With each box you unpack, so many memories must fill your mind & heart? I know this isn't your 'first time to the rodeo', so to speak. You know from your many experiences what a move like this does to your emotions. I tend to feel bad when people say to me, 'aren't you relieved to be back in the states?' I know they are expecting a jump & down 'absolutely' from me. Thanks for the great read as always Jeanne & thanks for sharing your world with us all xox

  24. The good news is that you were here, not so far away you couldn't join family to celebrate your uncle's life.
    I can only imagine how excited you are to be at Tanilla and begin to view it as home, at least one home. There is such joy in having a place you love. Carry on, my friend. I wish I were there to help you unpack boxes.


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