Travels: Lost in the magic of Papua New Guinea

One of my all time favourite travel experiences was the day I spent at the Goroka Show, for the annual Sing-sing, a cultural event in the town of Goroka, Papua New Guinea. We travelled by plane...a small Mount Hagen in the Eastern Highland Province and tumbled into a travel experience like no other. 

Have you ever played the childhood game, when you are blindfolded, spun and then asked to find your way to a special spot? I liken it to that. The blindfold came off and I was spinning, from tribe to tribe, over 100 of them, dressed in tribal splendour..chanting, stomping, singing...smiling, gathering....actually, there are no words to truly describe have to feel it..and hear it.  For it was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The music....movements...all mesmerising.

It was one of the most powerful travel experiences of my life and I imagine when I look back at my life years on...this is the one travel experience that will stand out above all others. 

    Photos by Jeanne Henriques...
while lost in the magic 
of the Goroka Show
Papua New Guinea


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