Paris in I crazy?

I have not been to Paris since the 70's and I cannot speak french. 
I am thinking of a trip to Paris in January. 
Am I crazy? 

A long weekend with my daughter, a last hurrah 
before she heads off to her first year of University. 

My thinking is to take the Eurostar from London 
and keep everything as simple as possible. 

I have had a few suggestions...


  1. Paris in winter (or any time) sounds fabulous. We were there in May and had our usual fwonderful time - it doesn't seem to matter how many times you visit it's always fascinating and beautiful. I'm very envious of you heading to the cold - I can't think of anything I'd enjoy more than Christmas in the UK! Leigh

  2. Hi Jeanne - don't think you are crazy at all! There's something lovely about Paris (or London) in January you won't have the pre-Christmas crowds to contend with and somehow it doesn't seem quite so decadent to spend time having long lunches or tea (or shopping for that matter)when it's cold and dark outside! Enjoy planning your wishes Susie x


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