The World of Interiors

I could be gravitating to these images because 
of the cool winds blowing past our door.
It may be that there is something Downton Abbey about them,
a British TV drama that recently concluded. 
I am dearly missing that show on Sunday evenings.
Either way, these images remind me of a storybook, 
the kind that you just want to step into and stay awhile. 

This room sits at Penrhyn Castle in Wales. 
The mirror is English Rococo and sits above a Louis XIV desk.
I can't even begin to imagine living in a room like this.

I have discovered a new British magazine which I am transfixed by,
The World of Interiors. Although most of the rooms are beyond my 
pocketbook, in fact they all are, it is the ideas that come off the pages that I enjoy. 
It is the sort of magazine you could easily use to fill your 'ideas' folder.
The key is to focus on the details.

Below, a room well travelled and well read. 
This room sits in Ashdown House in Berkshire, England.
Every corner of it is rich in history. You can read
more in the November 2010 issue of World of Interiors magazine.
My dream would be to find a folding screen like that 
and find a house with ceilings to suit. I imagine Mr. H would think
that I have lost the plot by then.

The room below is not what it appears. 
You would think this is a room from yesteryear.
It is actually new and was designed with 1940's Venice in mind.
I love that they did this!

A family retreat in Burgundy, France sits with this beautiful 18th century 
Japanese screen and the rooms original linen cloth that still covers the walls.
This screen is poetic.

From this room we wander into the kitchen. I imagine something
yummy is always cooking in here. It is a room well lived. 
My grandmother's kitchen had the same floor...I love that.

Ralph Lauren Home  only because he does it so well 
and is a great source for ideas.

I just couldn't resist this one. 
I have an old loveseat that I bought for a song years ago..
I'm thinking....

There you go, my morning madness. 
Time for me to get back to work. is all in the details :)

Top: National Trust Treasure Hunt

Enduring Style: 
Diane von Furstenberg

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx


  1. Beautiful images Jeanne, I used to love 'The World of Interiors', can't get it here in France...just as well!
    Sunday nights are just not the same without Downton, roll on next series.

    PS Thankyou for your beautiful comment over at mine.

  2. Oh Jeanne,
    I am SO missing Downton Abbey.....I think that I might need counselling !!!!
    I always think of World of Interiors as a 'posh'magazine ! I usually read it in the doctors or dentist.
    You have shown such beautiful interiors but, my favourite is the Venice inspird room....just beautiful. XXXX

  3. I must dash out to see whether the local shop has the World of Interiors - it looks super, and will clearly enable me to live in yesteryear, which by all accounts has been cleaned up a bit since it actually happened, thus pandering beautifully to our fascination with interiors. Thanks for the introduction to this magazine!

  4. Such beautiful rooms! The room with the glass screens is just gorgeous!

  5. Oh my such delicious looking decor...I wonder if I can get a copy here in Canada...I'm off to the bookshop!

  6. Beautiful images, we can dream!

    We don't get Downton Abbey here, so I don't know what I am missing and that's a shame.

    Hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend!


  7. Hi Jane

    Good news, Downton Abbey will be available on Amazon USA as of January 11. If you like period drama' will love this! Elizabeth McGovern is in it (American) and she is wonderful. :))

  8. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing your morning madness. ;-)

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Jacqueline I forgot to mention that I will be in that chair right next to you. So hard when you get swept up in a Drama like that with fabulous scenery and cast...if only they had just a few more. I hate to think we have to wait a whole year!

  10. oooooh, that 1940s Venice room is my pick of the day! Thanks for the lovely scroll through beautiful rooms.
    And thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. You made my day, Jeanne!

    xxoo Becky

  11. Such elegant, beautifully tasteful like you!!

  12. Oh I love World of Interiors - Mr TNMA used to have a subscription (maybe I'll re-new it for Christmas?) - and Downton Abbey was fantastic, did you know they're making another series?


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