A Summer Canvas

I feel comfortable in my calm beige world with hints of colour. 
It travels well from home to home. But....every now and again, 
I have the urge to colour my world.  If our travels were to be my canvas 
then I would have to say New England (USA) would be the place for me to start. 
Summer house blue, peony pink, washed lime green, mellow yellow 
and Nantucket red. The colours of my New England world.

How about you? 
What are the colours of your world?

Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts


  1. This post truly is a collage of life Jeanne - gorgeous.

    My palette tends towards the ocean and its shoreline.
    Soft blue and green washes with natural fibres and crisp whites.

    I do love the happy zingyness of yellow though especially when paired with white.

    Happy day!

    Felicity x

  2. Being from Massachusetts, then N.H. and now Vermont leaves me a bit color conflicted at times! During the summer I have bright (Cape Cod) colors I enjoy wearing...even when I know they're blinding to eyes that have only seen greys, browns and blacks through a long New England winter. There will be a rush to enjoy color in August as I feel the days cool towards foliage season...when my wardrobe drifts from orange, to rust, golds to browns.

  3. Right now, it's nothing but green. Between temperatures in the high 90's and thunderstorms every afternoon, we are quite tropical here at present.

  4. I would love to live in an aqua cottage. Think about how inspiring it would be to wake up each morning and walk outside. It would make me so happy! I love all the color!

  5. I would live to live in a bright blue house, or perhaps a white one with a thatched roof with window boxes flowing with chartreuse sweet potato vines and fuscia flowers. For now I will be grateful for my colonial brick house with pits of purple hued flowers.

    As always beautiful photos.

    If I forgot to say, thank you so much for the magazine. It is fabulous and I have been pouring over every page. I am even trying a few of th recipes.

    Thank you again and enjoy your weekend!

  6. love this view...going to take some time to think on this and I;ll be back
    Your colours are wonderful!

  7. Its winter in Melbourne, Australia so unfortunately the beautiful autumn colours are gone and its day after day of grey grey grey. But in less than a month it will be spring and I can't wait to see flowers and blossom everywhere!

  8. Fabulous images Jeanne! Just as I imagined Massachusetts to look like! What a wonderful trio you had!

  9. Love your photos . The first one is my favorite , J'adore the coloured dress

  10. Jeanne, I just love this post. Those photos and those happy colors! And really they evoke the simple joys of summer. Thank you for this as I don't want summer to end!

  11. The colours are all so vibrant and gorgeous. My colours are green too with splashes of vibrant reds and oranges and purples of Autumn come early.

  12. What beautiful images Jeanne.....all the colours of Summer. Seeing as we live in the same country, our colours will be the same !! My favourite colour of Summer is that golden light that we get late afternoon on a warm summers day over the corn fields. I love that !! XXXX

  13. The colors of my world would be vibrant and jewel toned.
    I love your photos! They are so happy, they make me smile.

  14. Wow, absolutely beautiful post! This is inspiring.

  15. This is my world!! I love that you were here, and love the beautiful way in which you captured the glory that is this place.

    I walk around my city, Boston, without seeing all of these colors. The blues of the water, the weathered reds. How have I become so blind to all this beauty!

    Hope you had a wonderful visit, it certainly looks like it was!

  16. oooooh....
    i want to be there xx

  17. Gorgeous images and the colours are beautiful. I love the colours of Summer, reds, purples, yellows and green, with a hint of blue and white.

    But of course being a true 'Kiwi' girl I would have to say I love Black and Silver, because those are the colours of our beloved All Blacks.

  18. Love the pictures, Jeanne. The colors are exquisite! Thanks for making my day a little brighter and more colorful.


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