Mood Blogging; C'est Si Bon!

A car to love, 1950's Peugeot, do we love the colour too? I say oui!

I have started noticing the various stages of blogging....

I liken early blogging to being like a child in a toy store. So much to see and think, I will follow that blog and that one and then you find another and another. When the time is right you take a leap of faith in yourself and start your own blog and is love at first touch (keyboard) You start to wonder where has it been all your life. If you are like me, you will wonder why you should stop at just one. Why not another? Fashion, photography, travel, health, life, lots of interests.... a blog for each. All I have to do is click the button and voila!

'Voila' is the operative word because I did just that. People often ask how I manage them all. To be honest, at the moment, I am not doing it that well....but that is ok. They are there when I need them, like an old friend waiting for a chat. I call it 'mood blogging'. If I am thinking fashion, I pop over to and write a post, if I am having a midlife moment that only people of my age will understand, I hop over to midlife wisdom. When the photo bug hits in a big way, I pop over to one woman traveller and download to my heart's content. My travels around England and Europe make it onto Finding my Way in England and last not least I write here @ Collage of Life...with my thoughts on life. Everything floats back and forth...mood blogging. :)

Where am I today? In the Loire Valley for two weeks, hoping to take it as easy as it can get. So far... Se magnifique! I have time...something I have had little of these past few months. With that we plan playing tourist, enjoying great food and wine, reading books, taking long walks, bike rides, a bit of fishing, tennis, swimming and of course dear friends...writing to you. :)

Chateau tucked away in the Loire Valley. Volvo wagon came with us from New Zealand and has
now added England and France to it's mileage. :)
Large home away from a smaller home..
our two week hideaway in La Sologne. 
We have it all to ourselves.:)

Miss Christine playing Rapunzel above
and family strolls below.

I have so much to tell you...
I can't wait to show you the rest of the house. 

I will be doing a bit of 'mood blogging'
across my other blogs too...come and say hello. 
Just give me a day or two first. :)

Signing off with Eartha Kitt and C'est Si Bon...

Taken by me, around the chateau.
including a car to love at the top. :)


This car is not mine, it belongs to the owner of the chateau,
a very charming suits her perfectly!


  1. O Jeanne a.k.a Chatelaine: you have taken my breath away! You mean to say you are reigning over this chateau for two weeks. I am delighted for you and I think if I had this opportunity I would feign "agoraphobia" and remain indoors surrounded in luxury!
    I cannot wait to hear the next episode! Enjoy and again I am so happy for you.

    La Belle Helene

  2. Well, that's quite a home away from home! Enjoy every minute:-)

  3. Enjoying your mood blogging... and can't wait to see more of this wonderful French maison!

  4. Interesting thoughts on blogging. Nice post on Edward Hopper, too. Alors, bon voyage!
    best, nadia

  5. How wonderful to tag along on your travels through the Loire Valley. The chateaus are "magnifique"!!

  6. It looks lovely Jeanne! Enjoy and safe travels! Please show us more of that lovely home!! (and look at you - even your car is an international jet setter! ) much love! xoxo

  7. Beautiful spot. And we enjoy following blogs, wherever your moods take you.


  8. .. do LOVE the car ... truly ... have a great time in your own private castle .. ah, it's August!

  9. Beautiful! Have wonderful travels, but keep us posted, please. Bonnie

  10. Oh that chateau is pure magic...
    I follow so many blogs but do not have enough time to do it all, so I have stopped commenting regularly...

    Look forward to those mood posts! I have a sneaky feeling they'll reflect the beauty that surrounds you!

  11. Mood blogging, I like it :) I think I have probably gone about things the wrong way. I've only been blogging for 3 weeks but in that time Ive discussed everything from markets to decorating to fashion to parenting and even my favourite film kiss! Its all a little bit over the place but so am I so I guess it reflects me perfectly :) I can't wait to see more pics of the chateau - its divine and I want one for myself!

  12. Mood blogging, I like it :) I think I have probably gone about things the wrong way. I've only been blogging for 3 weeks and in that time I've discussed everything from fashion to decorating to market shopping to parenting to my favourite screen kiss! Its a bit all over the place, but so am I so I guess it reflects me perfectly! I can't wait to see more pics of the chateau - its divine - I want one!

  13. I need a little trip to France so your posts will do the trick. Dreamy.

  14. Oh, too magical for words! It's tell time.

  15. Jeanne ~ your holiday is something to only dream about. La Sologne is magnificent, I don't think I'd be able to sleep. I'd not want to take my eyes off that stupendous architecture and surroundings. Enjoy each moment and as I pack boxes for moving, I will be thinking of you!!

    x Deb

  16. Eartha was a perfect choice for this post!

  17. Yes, dreamy is the right word - enjoy your holiday - you're in a little slice of heaven.

  18. Now, I want to rent a castle for my next summer vacation . I love every single piece of antiques in your pictures.
    You are in heaven . I love the owner's car , I would love to rent it too

  19. Love love love the car. Chateau is pretty good too. Enjoy.

  20. My favorite kind of time away, renting a house/chateau, relaxing in the comfort of someone else's place and seeing all there is to see. I am taking one of my daughters to the Loire Valley in May 2012 on a Foodie Adventure like the one the hubby and I did in Italy but in France. You will have to tell me if there are some must sees. Enjoy, Jeanne.


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