It takes a child....

 My first day in Delhi, in India for that matter and my heart is a bundle of emotions. 
I have experienced it all today, the joy of being here and the sadness in seeing the plight 
of so many little ones. I felt a weight release off my shoulders when these cheeky fellows 
came up to me and asked for a picture. How could I say no? Their expressions say it all. 
Smiles all around, including me. I think we have some personalities in the making. 

Boys ruled today, I was in a rickshaw behind these two little ones below 
having a right good natter..nothing could have pulled them away. 

 .....and then I turned and in the blink of an eye, I caught this photo 
of this gorgeous little girl, a vision in the warmth of the sun. 
The photo is a little blurry....but I will never forget her.

The smile has stayed with me the whole day long.




  1. Have a glorious trip. Happy Anniversary! ~ sarah

  2. These boys make me smile:-) Enjoy your stay!

  3. Enchanting......Wonderful snaps Jeanne....xv

  4. Hello Jeanne,
    So much ambition on those young boys faces (with a touch of cheekiness!!)
    Lovely to hear the holiday is going well.

  5. Oh my goodness these kids are adorable. And the little girl is precious. It is always sad when you visit different countries and try to reconcile the beauty with the horrible sadness and poverty.

    I think these trips make me thankful for my life and my advantages, in addition they spur me to do more to help.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    Xo elizabeth

  6. Hello Jeanne

    How sweet and kind of you to take us along with you to India. Those images are heart warming and yes, that little girl, stunningly beautiful
    Helen xx

  7. Oh, I'm carried back to a similar experience in Belize...when the children walked beside me and asked me to take their pictures :) So fresh, adorable and without privileges...

  8. .. great job getting a post off so quickly ... very exciting ... thanks for taking the time

  9. wonderful Jeanne! I love your view of the world!!

  10. These children captured my heart, and I think that the soul of a country can be seen in the faces of its young. Wonderful photographs, compelling portraits.

    Your earlier post on linens and china are right down my alley, and now I am wondering if I should start packing my bag for the chateau? (hehe, mostly just kidding)



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