Proud Moments in the Southern Hemisphere

It's all happening in the Southern Hemisphere.
This is a shout out to my son, Patrick, 
who is due to graduate from the Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC)
in Australia in a few weeks time. For those not familiar with RMC,
it is Australia's equivalent of Sandhurst in Britain and West Point in the US,
training army officer cadets who graduate as Lieutenants.

I am sending congratulations to him for being selected for his first choice
assignment into the Royal Australian Armoured Corps, 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2CAV).
He will be based in the Northern Territory (Darwin) for a few years ( I hope).
I am secretly delighted about this as I have yet to see that part
of Australia and am keen to explore. :)


Patrick was in formation yesterday, as The Queen 
reviewed Duntroon's army officer cadets.
(Patrick is behind her right shoulder in the photo below.)

Photo and Video ABC News

The Queen presented new royal colours to RMC to celebrate its 100th anniversary year.
It was the fourth time she has presented RMC with a new colour.
'Colours' refer to a flag, made of silk, which is prominent in a military unit.

Patrick marching on left.

I think of where he is now and his dreams as a young boy.
When he mentioned Cavalry, I thought of soldiers on horseback and 
his first experience riding a horse. He was quick to remind me that
he would not be riding horses but it was still fun to remember...

When he mentioned armoured reconnaissance, 
I thought of his army drawings at the age of five.

He was always a boy on a mission 
and one who liked to give orders...even from his batmobile.

As you can see, some things never change. 
Patrick sent me the following photos 
for this post...the latest for Mom's photo album. :)

Mom and Dad are very proud
and look forward to sharing in the next chapter
of his journey. May he stay safe and our of harms way.

I mentioned that it was all happening in the Southern Hemisphere...

I would like to send another shout out to my Kiwi friends
in congratulations for  the New Zealand All Blacks 
winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
I was thrilled to watch them finally capture the Webb Ellis Cup.

PHOTO: Getty Images

Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful week ahead, 
whatever hemisphere you happen to live in.


  1. Wow what a handsome fellow and what an honour to have the Queen inspect his troupe!
    You must be very proud to have raised such a wonderful son...
    I quite like his reconnaissance drawing there's a lot going in in that picture.

    Hope that you have a fabulous week.

  2. Oh, I love this.
    What a handsome lad...(with such a perfect name!)
    How exciting to meet the Queen, too! You are now only one degree away!!
    Congratulations to him.
    And to you!

  3. Jeanne,

    Congratulations to you and toPatrick! What a wonderful moment! I can tell that you are a proud mom and you should be, raising a wonderful young man and sending him off to fight and be a leader is a tremendous accomplishment! I did not know you were going to be attending such a momentous occasion along with the Queen.

    Enjoy your day and congratulations again,

    Xo elizabeth

  4. Congratulations to your must be SO proud, Jeanne!! He's very handsome, too!


  5. Congratulations to you and your son. I know you are proud as you should be. What an accomplishment to fulfill a life long dream. Bonnie

  6. Jeanne you must be so very proud! Your son is a fine young man as his accomplishments show!


    Art By Karena

  7. Many thanks ladies...I am sure Patrick appreciates your comments too. :)

  8. We are so proud of Patrick and his accomplishments. He truly knew his path and has followed it. Darwin will be so interesting. A nice visit for you Jeanne

    Well done and congratulations to the All Blacks too
    Helen Tilston

  9. Oh Jeanne, my warmest congratulations to Patrick. No wonder you're so proud. Will you be zipping down here for his graduation?

    And yes, all plaudits to the All Blacks but I felt terribly sorry for the poor French - what a close one! J x

  10. Congratulations! He's a fine looking young man and I'm sure he will go far.
    ....... from the Northern Hemisphere, more specifically: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  11. Let me know when you make the Darwin trek & I'll make sure it 'coincides' with one of my trips from Adelaide to visit clients. You'll all love Darwin, it's the best (although only from March to October weather wise!) Warmest congrats to Patrick for his wonderful achievement.
    Millie xx

  12. Hi Jeanne
    Congratulations to Patrick.. and the proud mum!! I had friends from Duntroon many years ago and know just how competitive and rigorous it is!! Well done!!

    So.. I have never seen Darwin either... Have seen more of Europe than Australia... Speaking of... The Queen didn't visit Sydney!! How rude!! hahaha...

    Have a lovely week proud mamma!! ciao xxx Julie

  13. Patrick! LIke my son!

    ... and of course I must admit that I watched the match from a French point of view! Well... congratulations anyhow! :-)

  14. I think one of the most thrilling moments of my life was when my eldest daughter had her first real 'graduation' celebration (high school in Atlanta, Georgia). Not because I was bursting with pride as I watched her walk across that stage, but because my mother leaned over to me and whispered quietly in my ear, "What a wonderful job you have done."

    So here I am Jeanne, whispering in your ear "What a wonderful son you have raised".

  15. Congrats to you both! I'd love to go to Darwin - and Katherine. My dad lived there for a year when he was young, and boy, the stories I've heard!

  16. How wonderful Jeanne! What a proud Mum you must be (and will be on the graduation day...take lots of tissues!!) Presume you are going? Fantastic honour for Patrick to be there during the Queen's visit - he makes a handsome soldier! Wishing him all the very best of luck for his exciting upcoming career, much love x

  17. Wow! Congratulations to your son, and to his parents, for a job well done! and really, your entire family is entirely too gorgeous! (I loved seeing your mom mementos. I think a mom's heart always sees her little boy within the man!)

  18. What an accomplishment for Patrick. You and Peter must be so proud and looking forward to what lies ahead for his promising future.

  19. Proud Mother and Son.
    Congratulations to your family Jeanne,

  20. What a handsome son you have!! And meeting the awesome!
    I'm amazed too, that you have his artwork from will be in his general's office someday! The photo of him as a child is incredible too.
    I'm sure you and your husband are so proud. God's speed in his future endeavors.

  21. Hi Jeanne! Congratulations to Patrick! And, to you and your entire family! You must feel very proud of him right about now. May he stay safe as he pursues his dreams!-- Joe

  22. What a fantastic achievement,he has worked hard to get to his goal. Well done to all of you, as I am sure it has not been easy having him living so far away.

    And great to see that you included a picture of Richie and the boys in this post.

    P.S. Tell your girls, I hear that Richie is single. LOL!

  23. What a great accomplishment for your son to have completed such a great career! Congrats. It's so great to see the love for something they've shown for years become what they do for a living when they grow up, and to crown all that with a visit from the special. Lovely!

  24. What a proud mom you must be! Congratulations to everyone~~these are life's highest moments.

    Handsome boy!!

  25. Hello from CANBERRA! I thought about your handsome lad at Duntroon when I heard Her Maj. was going to visit. Does he know one of your bloggy friends lives just the other side of the lake? Funny old {small} world isn't it {big wave}. If I ever need a soldier I know who to call ;O)

  26. Dear Jeanne.

    Today did not start out great. Didn't sleep great. Health was not great. Mood was not great. Students were not great. But then...

    I come home and find the most beautiful postcard from you with a lovely quote! Thank you so much for making my day:-)

  27. Your son looks stunning ! Congratulations for having the Queen inspect your son's troupe.That's a real BIG honor!
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    How do you live your life?

  28. You sound like a proud mama, deservedly so.

  29. So handsome and wow, what a place in life! You are obviously one proud mother and so you should be. Congratulations to your son for his amazing achievements!

  30. My eldest son is at Sandhurst. You must be feeling so proud of your son. I don't expect we'll see the Queen in December, it was snowing last year! I am looking forward to the passing out parade, despite the cold!


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