The luck of the Irish in Vietnam...

We stood in front of the store...
with me enticing Mr. H inside.

Within a flash, 
a woman approached and suggested
we might want to move aside.
We all looked up and there it was, 
hovering above us.

I wasn't surprised, for nothing 
surprises me in Vietnam anymore.
All I could do was smile...
and grab my camera.

Would the beautiful red Vietnamese chest 
make it to the bottom in one piece? 
I admit, I had my doubts.

They must of had the luck of the Irish with them!
For those of you wearing the green today..

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sending you a great big green fan wave from our 
Traveller's Palm.. 'ravenala madagascariensis'
at Chateau Mango!

Photos by a woman with a bit of the Irish in her... me.


  1. Don't know which is more beautiful - the red chest of the palm. I think I will vote for both.

    Happy St. Pat's to you, too.

  2. Have a wonderful dose of 'green' in your 'mango' world jeanne... :) Happy Saint Patrick's to you... xv

  3. Happy St. Pat's dear Jeanne! Alas, not a lot of thougths for the Irish here in France today. But I am still proud of that one small branch of my roots.

    And as for the chest? Ah, the power of ingenuity... :)
    Gros Bisous,

  4. What an amazing move! The red chest is beautiful and so is your palm tree. You might like the Oriental theme in my post this weekend. Happy St. Patrick's day Jeanne.

  5. Looks like they've done that before! Very professional.... Happy St Paddy's day to you and I LOVE your previous post on Tricia Rose linen... Such a wonderful product and a fabulous woman. S x

  6. Jeanne,

    I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! This looks like a very interesting predicament to be in.

    As for your fan, very impressive.

    Have a great week Jeanne!


  7. I had faith that the red chest would make the ascent easily. The fan is beautiful.
    And a happy day to you also.

  8. ABSOLUTELY FUN!Your timing was perfect with the camera and you know I completely forgot about SAINT PATRICKS DAY!First time in my 52 years of living!I was in the garden with my green boots on for most of the day,but it still made me sad to think I had not worn GREEN !!

  9. Getting t hat chest down in one piece was a very impressive feat. That traveller's palm is beautiful. Thanks for your postcard. I received it today. I appreciate the opportunity to 'visit' these exotic places with you. I am searching around for a special postcard to send back to you.


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