Thinking Zen and Chateau Mango

my mini reclining buddha

It is Monday evening and I am thinking zen and staying calm.
How are you on that front? 
Are you pretty good at keeping it together?

I have undertaken another Blogging Your Way online course.
I am suppose to become my own Blog Boss.
One week down and I am already behind on my homework.
No matter as it has been so fascinating to date, that I am getting
more than I bargained for. I have had to dig deep and think
through what this is all about and where I want to go.
My list is long..or maybe it is not and I just think it is.
Maybe the reclining Buddha above is the only one who really knows.
No matter..I am going to be a good student.
(note tabs above)

But before I get back to work..(because I am the ultimate procrastinator)
I thought I would share a few things happening 
around Chateau Mango via Instagram.
One of the beauties about Instagram is that it is quick and easy.
It is your mind at work...and it can surprise you, when you least expect it.

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Mr. Khai and I stopped to have the car tire checked out.
While he sorted things out, I took an interest in a few
birds passing by.

No big deal, until this one decided to go for a stroll...

 Nothing surprises me anymore in Saigon..
it is just like that. I snapped these on my iPhone.
I wouldn't leave home without it.

Back at the Chateau...
it is a bit more peaceful and quiet.

On the weekends, this is one of our favourite spots,
 especially for breakfast.
As you can see, our dog Tika feels the same way.

I pulled out my postcard collection this weekend,
to add a few more. I then started to wonder
how many of you have received my postcards.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that they were posted
from the hotels as requested.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy going thru them.
I feel like I travelled to the countries all over again
at a great price...nothing!
The one below was found on a Paris street corner.
I have wanted to ride on a camel in a desert ever since.

My umbrellas from Myanmar have been taking a spin
around the Chateau...inside and out. I think I may have 
finally found just the right spot for them...
but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

I have been turning garden nurseries upside down
and over in search of pots and plants. The pink lotus flower was
added on Friday and surprised me this morning with a touch of pink.
I can't tell you how excited I a proud mama.

I also added this white beauty. 
The scent is the best of the tropics in a bottle.
My next project is to determine what it is.
Any guesses? All my translations come back to
me in Vietnamese...not helpful!

I have contemplated all shapes, colours and forms of pots.
I have decided that I prefer terracotta, preferably aged, not
too orange..with a bit of texture...
something that might have a story to it.
I think Mr. Khai thinks I am crazy.

Not for nothing...I came across this magazine which I 
had stashed away back in 1997. I wondered if anyone
else holds onto magazines like I do. I also have a 
1986 LIFE magazine featuring Caroline Kennedy's 
wedding to Edward Schlossberg. To each his own.
Do you have any old magazines lurking in your cupboard?

That's my Instagram round to contemplate my next
pic and get back to my homework. If you are in the Instagram world
and would like to can find me here
If you would like to see the efforts of my recent homework, 
you will find it in the tabs at the top of my page.

Many many thanks to those of you who provided
 ideas for my daughters Speakeasy party theme.
You are the best!

From my computer to yours...
best wishes for a wonderful week! 

Jeanne xx

If you love a giveaway...of the Paris Markets kind
stop in and see Elizabeth..quickly!




  1. Dearest Jeanne...keeping it together? Errr no! Not so much at the moment! Things seem to be spiralling so coming here and seeing your lovely images and soothing words is a tonic. I could do with some of your serenity! Can you send some over to Sussex? I am so delighted things are going so swimmingly there for you, Tika included ;-) Lou x

    1. Would be happy to send some serenity to Sussex Lou...even better if I could come myself! xx

  2. Hi Jeanne, what a nice visit I had here. I'm so curious about your blogging course and what you're learning. I shall have to think about taking one, I'm always looking to learn more about this crazy world of blogging. I sure love your instragram shots, they really are such a quick snapshot of life. Can you believe I'm not on instragram yet? I especially love the photo of the backyard, Tika looks like he's having such fun.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

    1. Hi Leslie.. I think you would enjoy the course, it is great for blogging tips and helps you think outside the box. Instagram is waiting...I will keep an eye out for you. xx

  3. Far too many old magazines lurking about my home. I've taught myself that I do not have to own every book I want to read; now I need to teach myself to read and enjoy the magazines and let them go to someone else who might enjoy reading them. I currently have two old 1991 issues of House & Garden for which I'm trying to find a new home. I love the old 80's-90's issues of H&G and can't bear to throw them away. It's a shame that magazines cannot be mailed under the Media Mail category (without lying about the contents), as otherwise their weight makes it very impractical for mailing.
    Breakfast on your patio looks absolutely delightful!

    1. I know what you mean about old magazines Judy. I have been tearing sheets out and recycling the rest. I only have 2-3 mags in my special stash. I save newspapers from momentous occasions too. The last in was all the English collector edition newspapers around Kate and William's wedding. It was fun to be living there for that...a good memory. :) xx

  4. Jeanne, my goodness you are busy!!!! How do you get everything finished in a day? I was going to sign up for that class, now I may still have too but I have so many things going on right now.

    Your tabs look great! I love them all, so organized. And your post card collection, I love the tabs on them too.

    Jeanne, I rode a camel in the desert in Morocco...did you know they are very mean? And that they spit? It was a lot of fun and you must do it but just look out.

    I cannot wait to see more of your garden.

    Have a great week! xx Elizabeth

    P.S Thank you for posting my give away!!!! You are so sweet. I think whomever wins the book is going to love it, it really is fabulous.

  5. Your blogging course looks to be amazing. I recently did Blogging from the Heart by Sussanah Conway. It was very good and I enjoyed all the food for thought while figuring out my blog. I am searching for sweet serenity while adjusting from moving from Canada to the UK. I love coming and visiting your blog for a bit of that serenity and thank you for your your writing and photography. I have been reading about your journey for quite some time (when you were in the UK) and your blog as well as others done by expats inspired me to begin doing my own. It has been quite fun and I am eager to learn as much as I can about this blogging world. I have begun following you on Instagram. I am loving using it to capture everyday moments and hope to get better at remembering to take photos.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Gina...I l left a comment on your blog, so happy to have met a fellow expat! I have been finding Instagram of great help in recording the little everyday things. When you go back and look at the day, you realise you have a couple of stories from the photos. I love those kind of discoveries! Now following your blog and looking forward to it. Best wishes... :)

  6. One week down and I'm behind on my homework too, but feeling very proud of myself for finally doing an 'about me' page after failing this part on the last BYW course I took. And look at your wonderful tabs... and you have video on your page. Big ticks from the teacher for you I think Jeanne! Oh I nervously looked at that video... did you stop shooting just as the poor bird was mown down in the traffic? I'm not sure if I want to know the answer. Love your instagram feed - such colour and vibrancy - it must be amazing on a daily basis. And your postcard collection - I'm envious of that too. What memories.

    1. Phew...I am not the only one! Thank you nice to see that you are on the course as well. I will come look for you in the forum. You will be happy to know that the rooster was just fine. He was in total control and seemed to understand the rhythm of traffic. Wish I felt the same way about blogging! xx

  7. Blogging Your Way sounds like a great course to take. I always enjoybyournphotos. I can't blame Tika for swimming in your beautiful pool. Your garden is a tranquil place to have breakfast and to start your day. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Pamela...and I think you would enjoy the class. xx

  8. Yes, I too collect magazines and canNOT toss out!I have all the ones about DIANA in a basket under my bed!I too adore the terra-cotta pots with a bit of age.I also love the concrete ones with garlands and faces!The BEST terracotta pot I have is from Italy called an ORCHO(spelling?)that use to hold olive oil!It sits in my living room!

    1. I love that it is in your living room Contessa! I am on the hunt for that very special terracotta pot to turn into a glass coffee table for our outdoor porch setting. I plan to fill it with something special. :)

  9. I visited Vietnam + so beautiful, before you arrived. Adore reading about your

  10. Dear Jeanne

    Yesterday a day of the first signs of spring here with robins busy and Cedar Waxwings in droves in my little yard I walked to the mail and found a beautiful card with the novices...a group of very young Buddhist monks in training...wonderful image, a lovely note from you and now, another Jeanne postcard on the image board where I write and make collages. Thank you so very much for including me in you list of post card recipients; I treasure every one.
    Your post today got me really thinking about my decision to begin a blog...with the address secured and paid for, working on the format and learning about what I want to do with the blog as I am forming the parameters of my design, photos, words, etc...I have wandered over to look at the course you are taking and know that it will be on my list of to do courses this year. Always, every post from you is a delight to my morning computer time.
    Thank you for everything you add to my journey.

    1. Kristin..this is fabulous news! You must, must, must tell me when you are up and running, I would love to follow along. I think you will make a wonderful blogger! xx

  11. I can't wait to catch up on a lot of your posts! I have missed out so much lately! We've been way too busy with so many family birthdays and Holly and Brad staying with us and Miller home from college for Spring Break. I feel like I don't have time to breath…and sometimes that is a very panicky feeling! Lucky for me…I have meds for that! LOL! However, I'm dying to catch up and stay up to date! Love your instagram pics and your knowledge of all things Vietnamese! I treasure my bronze flatware from Aunt who lived there and I use it in my shop all the time as a "prop". I probably could've sold a million sets of it! So glad I get to see this part of the world through your eyes!


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