The Speakeasy...


My daughter, Miss Tine, called me this morning
and asked if I could help her. She is planning a Ball 
around 1920's Prohibition and the Speakeasy.

She asked if I could could get in touch 
with people of 'my era...the older set'
who might have ideas on where she could
look for inspiration. I did mention in passing
that I was not a twenty something in the 1920's.

But I do know of a very talented group of readers who might
be able to suggest a few ideas for the twenty something crowd.


I thought of actress Clara Bow...


and The Great Gatsby.


I then thought of what a twenty something girl 
today would wear to a Speak Easy Ball.



and then wondered what I would wear, being that
I am 'of an era--in the older set'.
It didn't take me long to find this Poirot Design 
worn by Peggy Guggenheim. 
Photograph by Man Ray.
Yes please...

Penny Guggenheim in a Poiret Design
Photo by Man Ray

So my question to you..when you think of the 1920's...
Prohibition...Speakeasy.. what else comes to mind? 
Any books, movies, photographs, links that might
help a young twenty something plan a Ball to remember?

I found this....

With that..
I wish you a rip-roaring weekend of fun and laughter!
1920's style..

Jeanne xx

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