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Weekends are full of promise. The promise of things to do...whether it be relaxing, exploring or catching up on loose ends. As the sun sets over Saigon this Sunday afternoon...I do not have the usual angst...that feeling that time sped by and I did not get it all done. I made a promise, a weekend promise, to take it as it comes, to look more closely at the world around me and to hang up the worries. I find when I do, that life becomes a bit clearer and my organisationally challenged mind is ready to focus by the end of the weekend.

I took Mr. H on a long walk Saturday morning, to show him what I see from day to day. As we turned the corner from one street to the next, we both commented how much our world has changed since this time last year. He was already living in Saigon and I was still holding down the fort back in England. With that thought we both remarked how fortunate we are to have this experience in Vietnam, it is more than we could have imagined and even with it's challenges, it is one that we will long cherish.

Along our walk... 
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Street life with a little less
 frantic pace than in the heart of the city.

Walking on the sidewalks is a challenge, there
are obstacles at every turn. I would say this is one of the
more beautiful ones.

I  am always humbled by the hard working nature of
Vietnamese women. If there is a way, they will find it.

Because...I just loved all their feathers.

Across the street...words of love. 

Following the road home to Chateau Mango...

Where you can find me... hat and fan in hand...

admiring our lotus flowers in bloom.

On that note, I will say good weekend and leave you with a few parting reads, to hopefully
inspire you in the days to come...

Jacqueline @ Beauty in the Ordinary passed along two more books for The Brown Paper Book Club reading list. Jacqueline wrapped Friendship Bread by Darien Gee  and South of Superior by Ellen Airgood in brown paper packaging and sent them on their way to her sister, Victoria. The full reading list is here...and for those of you how are wondering about The Brown Paper Book Club, you can read about it here.

From Marisa Silver..who found her writing voice in California.

From Melissa @ Reverie Daydream... a painted sky in San Francisco. 

From a painted sky to kissing the Loree @ Stories and Scribbles in Malta.

From the ever thoughtful Louise @ Lou, Boos and Shoes.... The curious life of friendship..


From Linda @ Lulu's Musings of The Travelling Sisterhood and our meeting in Saigon. She is as delightful as I imagined...a spirited traveller!


Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful week..the last week of March! 

Jeanne xx

How was your weekend?
Any interesting book recommendations
for The Brown Paper Book Club?

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