The luck of the Irish in Vietnam...

We stood in front of the store...
with me enticing Mr. H inside.

Within a flash, 
a woman approached and suggested
we might want to move aside.
We all looked up and there it was, 
hovering above us.

I wasn't surprised, for nothing 
surprises me in Vietnam anymore.
All I could do was smile...
and grab my camera.

Would the beautiful red Vietnamese chest 
make it to the bottom in one piece? 
I admit, I had my doubts.

They must of had the luck of the Irish with them!
For those of you wearing the green today..

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sending you a great big green fan wave from our 
Traveller's Palm.. 'ravenala madagascariensis'
at Chateau Mango!

Photos by a woman with a bit of the Irish in her... me.

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