By the seashore with a flat white coffee...#sydney

I want to tell you the woman in the hat above is me…sitting by the seashore, reading a book and basking in the sunshine.'s not quite. I am running around Sydney's northern beaches at the moment, where we lived for many years. We are here for the week, hanging with family, visiting friends, eating lots of great food and sipping on my favourite coffee in the whole wide world.. a double shot flat white. ..Aussie style.

Our Sydney roots are in a little town near Manly, called Fairlight.  Up on a hill, looking out to the sea, sits Windswept..the other half of our home away from home. On my last post, I talked about our home way from home in the wilds of New England, Tahilla Farm. So many of you sent along very thoughtful words of encouragement for which I am exceedingly grateful. We have a place here in Australia and a place in New England. Between them we live in Chateau Mango in Ho Chi Minh City.   One day we will settle more permanently, the plans are underway. Until then...we live in a mixed up expat world. For those of you, brave enough to stay with me on the blog and try to make sense of it all..I thank you most sincerely!

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For you..

A wonderful spot for breakfast... Bathers' Pavilion in Balmoral.

where you can find the perfect flat white coffee.

From Balmoral to Manly.

I call Manly 'Surf City' is what people do... (except me).

Manly Beach is the place to go..
even if it is just for a stroll on the beach, it is glorious.

I loved aspiring surfer girl who 
I am sure is dreaming big.

From sunrise to sunset..they are out there..
waiting for the next wave. I often wonder
what they talk about out there.

I love the beach at sunset, when the sand is cool under foot,
the breeze picks up and the pace of the world slows down.
Do you have a favourite time on the beach?

To me, if you can manage it..
the best way to experience a beach
is on the beach. If you happen to consider 
Manly Beach on your visit to Sydney...
you can find accommodations
They have something to meet
nearly every budget. 

From my corner of the world to yours..
sending you best wishes for a 
wonderful day!

All photos by me with exception
of 'surf-city'.. I took a photograph
of the advertising in the window
of Roxy..a hip little store in Manly. 


  1. What's in a flat white coffee? I want one.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! How could I miss that. Your life is a great adventure. I so enjoy your blog. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride.

  3. Jeanne, it looks as if you are having a wonderful time being home. I hope that you manage to squeeze every second out of your day with friends, family and adventures.

    My favorite time at the beach is early in the morning, when the treasures from the tide of washed in, it is quite, hopefully not too humid, although that is rare in this area, and the waves are gently lapping at the shore.

    I love seeing a glimpse into the other side of your life. How wonderful to be able to be in both places for months at a time and to be able to see family and friends on both sides of the world with each visit.

    Take care Jeanne, be safe and have fun.

    When will you post the photos of you surfing?

    xx Elizabeth

  4. You know Jeanne... I missed you by a week! How hopeless is that! xv

  5. Truly beautiful Jeanne. I too love the beach at sunset. It is my favourite time. The colours are absolutely awesome at this time of day.

  6. How great to catch up with old friends in Australia Jeanne,
    Australia is a wonderful country..
    I lived just outside Fremantle western Australia for some years.
    'Tahila farm' looks so peaceful.
    enjoy your time in Australia.
    you will soon be back at Mango villa.
    happy travels.

  7. Oh sunset on the beach is the best. When we are in Seaside, no matter where everyone finds themselves, we gather together to toast the sunset and another glorious day near the water. Enjoy your visit. Bonnie

    p.s. you are not difficult to follow and it is always a pleasure.

  8. There is nothing on earth betterthan a beach ... sunrise and sunset compete for best time of day... the warm rising sun providing hope for the day and the cool sand and breezes of the evening promising calm for the night.

    Please explain "white coffee".

  9. Perfection in every way. When we first emigrated to Australia from East Africa in 1962 we stayed in Manly for 3 months on the sea front - waiting for our car to arrive - I can still smell the salty air and feel the biting winter wind on my face - and it is still the same today. Enjoy your stay. F xx

  10. For sure Australia has gorgeous beaches and reefs. Spectacular views too. I am not confused at all on where you live. I enjoy reading about your travels and adventures.

  11. Beautiful post, have transported me to your part of the world. We visited Sydney in 2000 and I long to return; I absolutely LOVED it...we went to Manly beach too so I can picture you there. Your life sounds simply wonderful...enjoy your time in Sydney catching up with friends.

  12. Being originally from the panhandle of Florida now living in S CA-the beach holds a special place in my heart. I would love to visit Sydney + Manly beach looks Fab.

  13. Such lovely images and how we wish we were beach bound this month! While it's fall in your part of the world right now, it's suppose to be spring here and we have yet to have warm weather. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!
    C + C

  14. You are so right! The best way to experience a beach is on the beach. But, I'll take gorgeous photos of beaches too.

  15. What a spectacular beach, Jeanne and just love all of your photography. The beach at sunset is one of the most beautiful the surfer shots!

  16. Glad to see that I'm not the only one needing a definition of "flat white coffee." Must admit that my favorite coffee is a simple cuppa joe unadorned with any unusual flavors, but my word, where have I been all these years to not hear of "flat white." Give us a clue! :-)

  17. I love all of these photos...they so remind me of our beach in California...Strands. I would walk in the morning and see all the surfers heading down...they were always in such a hurry as if the waves would run out if they didn't hurry. I love that passion. And there is no sunset like a sunset at the beach, right? Gosh, I have to tell you this is making me miss that life.

  18. Cape Cod and Nantucket beaches are some of my favorite. The Florida Gulf Coast, in and around Sarasota, is a wonderful late winter/early spring getaway. Lake Michigan beaches, especially on the Michigan side are amazing. I have never seen sunsets like those over Lake Michigan. You got me dreaming and planning of our next beach vacation, and a good cup of coffee.

  19. Cape Cod and Nantucket beaches are some of my favorite. The Florida Gulf Coast beaches, in and around Sarasota, are a wonderful place to visit in late winter/early spring. Lake Michigan beaches, especially on the Michigan side, offer the best sunsets I've seen. Your post has got me planning and dreaming of our next beach vacation and a good cup of coffee.

  20. Oh my goodness it looks "and smells" like pure heaven! I want to be right there right now!!

  21. Jeanne...loved this post...for some reason...I have responded and responded and it has not appeared...wish i was right there!!

  22. Beaches and ocean - my dream to live right by the coast one day, somewhere. I hope its out destiny, as my husband was born and raised in Brighton in the UK and lived his life at the (pebbly) beach.

  23. Dreaming of the ocean and beach I love the beach anytime but adore staying until the sun is on it's way down my idea of bliss!
    Carla xx great post Jeanne

  24. I love dusk on a beach. Although my favourite time is in face from 2pm onwards, lying under a pohutukawa on Cheltenham beach (where I grew up). That is something I miss about New Zealand. It's been three years since we were last there. We sold our beautiful house so we wouldn't go back – it worked but I do miss it a lot.


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