English summerhouses and artisan retreats...Chelsea Flower Show

I have English summerhouses, artisan retreats and the Chelsea Flower Show on my mind.
Of all the places and events I attended whilst living in England, I have to say
the Chelsea Flower Show was my all time favourite event. 
My posts are as endless as the inspiration I drew from each and every one.
If you ever have the chance to go, do!

 I know many of you share my enthusiasm for a little spot 
where you can get away from the world and create.
I have a few ideas for you...

The room above is from the 'cottage range' within 
The Malvern Collection 
There are ten options to choose from.

Made of Western Red Cedar, each one is handmade
in Worcestershire, England.  Any one of them would be a
wonderful addition to a garden,..a perfect spot to call your own.

To show them at their best advantage, well known English artists 
and designers created their own personal Artisan Retreat and featured
them in the Chelsea Flower Show 2012.The results were wonderful. 
Quintessential English..each and every one.

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Annabel Lewis of VV Rouleaux 
entitled hers 'A Passementerie Passion'.
accenting it with ribbons, trims 
and bits and bobs from her shop.

Orla Kiely  created a 'Vintage Inspired Retreat'. 
A place to relax, read and catch up on life.

This retro bike was a great addition.
Imagine popping off to the nursery in that beauty.

My favourite was created by textile designer Kaffe Fassett 
entitled 'Needlepoint Haven'. Forget the fact that I am on my 13th year
of my son's Christmas stocking. I do believe, with a place like this, 
I just might finish it!

Needle and thread..bring it on!

If you are now thinking.. 

about the Chelsea Flower Show...read here.
about an English life... read here.
about exploring your creative side.... read here
about your own English summerhouse...read here
about inspiration for your garden...read here

I don't know about you...
but I am feeling inspired just thinking about it.
Hope you found a bit of inspiration here too!


Photographs v. Jeanne Henriques


  1. I found lots of inspiration. You never disappoint. It is always a joy to come to your blog and be inspired. Many thanks for doing what you do.

  2. I love these sweet little getaways - they remind me of the playhouse I always wanted as a child. How fun!

  3. Jeanne,

    I love these little English Summer Houses! What a great little "get away" in your own back yard. I think you may be right it is just what you need to spur you on with the Christmas stocking, oh my goodness I laughed out loud at that comment.

    I hope you are well and enjoyed a wonderful trip with your family and friends! I sent you an email but I think it arrived while you were away.

    Have a great week!
    xx Elizabeth

  4. I dream of having a room of my own in the bottom of the garden! Right now I don't even have the garden, but a girl can dream:-)

  5. What wonderful little garden houses. The pink one is my favourite, of course ;)

  6. Oh indeed I did find much inspiration here! I used to haunt VV Rouleaux when I lived in London - such beautiful ribbons and trims. If only I had a bigger garden for a little space like one of these. Secretly I also fancy that wonderful old Morris Minor van!

  7. These little houses are so charming! Thanks for sharing, Jeanne!

  8. I have always loved the Chelsea Flower Show + Rouleaux. thank you for jogging my memory. I sent this piece on to clients in London. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  9. These garden retreat spaces are truly magical...each one inviting me in to come, sit, relax and read for a while. The Kaffe Fassett space was the one that truly tugged at my heart. I have been in love with his design sensitivity from back in the early 80's when I began to knit from his books and then the quilts and the fabric...I am totally and deeply wrapped in his cloth and designs....I could stay in his retreat space forever and ever...lovely. As always, you do not disappoint with the magical places, photos and words you share on your blogs.

  10. I have always wanted to go to the Chelsea Flower show..........almost did this year but instead have a dear dear friend who is coming to visit from AUSTRALIA!So, I cannot go this year.............thanks for the not needed nudge to say its a wonderful experience!That makes me want to go even more!

  11. Hello Jeanne

    I can see you lounging in the Kaffe Fassett studio. Dreamy

    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  12. Agree there is something wonderful about the notion of a separate structure in the garden - quite different from an attached conservatory, although they are lovely too...but something more special about having to go out before you can go back in again...x

  13. Looks like an amazing event Jeanne so much beauty and inspiration I can see why it is a favourite of yours! Love these little cottages would love to have one in my garden to do a funky little revamp on it......loved this post.
    Carla x
    PS please don't give up on the santa sack :)

  14. Oh the fun you will have making all your choices for the farm. Hopefully, your visit there is in advance of the black flies. I'm told putting a dryer sheet in your hat is a help, but I've not yet tried it.


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