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Dear Readers..

I have been a busy blogger these past few days, clearing up files and organising posts and photos. It felt like a wonderful long visit with old friends, reading posts and comments from my various blogs.
I hope you will indulge me...with a post written while we were living in England. Something tells me there are quite a few Anglophiles and gardeners amongst you...I have a few ideas for you. I hope you enjoy them!

Jeanne xx

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Winston Churchill and his Clementine....
Posted February, 2011 

I can not think of a better way to end a relaxing day at home. It was a great week, a long week. I covered a lot of territory around London and I have to admit that this Hip Hop Happening Mama is plum tuckered out! My trusty pedometer was by my side, clocking up nearly 15km around the city.

I wasn't sure what I would write about today. I have so many thoughts floating around that it seemed impossible to decide on one. It then became clear when I saw an old photograph of Vanessa Redgrave at Chris Beetles Gallery  in London yesterday. I wrote a post about her here.

As chance would have it, we picked a family movie tonight and it was The Gathering Storm. As soon as I saw that Vanessa Redgrave plays the brilliant Clementine, I knew my next post was determined. I could not wait to write and tell those of you who enjoy English classics to see this film as it is wonderful!

The Gathering Storm was released in 2002. It is a love story of sorts between Sir Winston Churchill and his Clementine, Lady Churchill, the love of his life. The period in time is just leading up to WWII with the majority of their time spent in their beautiful country home, Chartwell, in Kent, England. You can watch the Trailer here.

via Wikimedia

Those of you who enjoy English classics will recognise this all star cast. 
Albert Finney, Vanessa Redgrave, Jim Broadbent, Ronnie Barker, 
Tom Wilkinson, Linus Roache and Celia Imre to name a few. 
A fantastic performance by all and especially
 Albert Finney as Winston Churchill.

Winston and Clementine Churchill at Chartwell, Kent
via Life

If you have not been to Chartwell, I encourage you to visit it one day.
The house, garden, gardens and studio are wonderful.
I absolutely loved it and I am sure you will too!
I took the following photographs during our visit...

Chartwell beckons...

Through a meadow to an open door into Chartwell.

A view to Chartwell from The Terrace Lawn. tucked away against the trellis attached to the house you
will find a Magnolia grandiflora, planted by Lady Churchill.

The Kitchen Garden with views to the Weald of Kent.

Architectural details of the Studio and Chartwell.

From the studio artist's view.

'The Rose Walk' commemorating the golden wedding of Winston and Clementine.
12 September 1958

A glimpse into The Rose Garden created by Lady Churchill and her cousin Venetia Montagu
in the 1920's. Currently filled with hybrid tea roses, and soft-coloured plants, including cherry-pie,
 penstemons, catmint and fuchsias.
What every good garden needs..the perfect garden bench. 

From the Rose Garden to Chartwell.

A corner of the Goldfish Pond were Churchill spent time painting or
 feeding the orfe who still swim in the tranquil  waters of this pool.

Lastly..for more English gardening inspiration for your bookshelf,
read here.

There you have it my friends. 
An English movie to help tide you over until Downton Abbey kicks off a new season,
 a few gardening photos to pop in the inspiration file (feel fee to pin) and hopefully a giggle 
over the Hip Hop Happening Mama post..because it was one of my favourites too.
It is where I met Lisa...who discovered Tahilla Farm for me.

From one Anglophile, gardening enthusiast
and Hip Hop Happening Mama to another...
Happy wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Images~J. Henriques
except where noted


  1. Hello Jeanne,
    I am behind on some comments..
    I was only thinking about you this last week..and wondering if you are in Vietnam or USA..
    I have watched this lovely film twice now.. and want to buy it for my private collection. I thought it brilliant and so true to Churchill and Clemmies charachters.. They were so much in love.
    We need more films like this.
    wishing you a very happy weekend.

    1. Hi Vale...I am back in Vietnam for a few months. So glad you enjoyed this film as well, it is one we have watched many times. Lovely to hear from you... :)

  2. To answer your question...yes, I am! And that is how we met and started hip hopping down the road. Itztru!

    1. and we are still hopping...and I imagine will be for some time! :)

  3. .. Happy Weekend to you as well. The movie looks great and I will watch for sure. I've never visited Chartwell, as "south of London" is not as captivating for me as other areas of that magical isle.

    It does look charming, I must say. Thanks as always for giving us new things to explore.

    Karen in CT ... now VA

    1. Hi Karen...if you have time to visit Surrey and will love the journey, promise! Start with Apps from both The National Trust and English Heritage. It shows your location and where the closest properites are to you all around the UK...fab little Apps! :)

  4. Winston had a chapbook published of his paintings. Found it for a $1 at Goodwill Book sale.

    Of course it's treasured far beyond that $1 to me.

    Love the story of him coming home, going to feed his fish and they would not come up to him. Someone else had already fed them. He was LIVID.

    Adore that about him.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

    1. A treasured find to be! I am envious, something like that does not compare to what you buy in the gift shops these days. It is a beautiful spot...the Goldfish Pond...perfect place for a great thinker. :)

  5. I would love to visit Chartwell one day. The gardens are fantastic. I have read that Winston and Clementine also have a great love story and marriage. Would check out the movies here.

    1. I think you will enjoy the movie all marriages, they had their ups and downs but were together to the end. That says a lot! :)

  6. thank you for the movie rec! looking forward to that one! and yes..i am for sure a hip hop happening mama! with an 18, 15, 11 and 4 year old (i had the 4 year old at 41)...i am the oldest mom at the playground. and i'm totally fine with it. i know all too well how fast our children grow up. i'm holding on to these baby years a little too tightly perhaps! a (french) woman at the park the other day called me selfish for not having griffin in preschool. :)
    bon weekend my friend!

    1. Hi Pam...our world gets smaller and smaller and you you know what I think of the comment that passed your way...ignore it and enjoy every moment! xx

  7. Jeanne I know I too would love this movie. I love a look into the past and especially delivered by such tremendous English actors. Chartwell is absolutely beautiful, house & gardens. There is so much to see in England and so little time. I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

    x Deb

    1. I know the feeling Deb..every time I read about a place I did not manage to see while we were living in England, I cringe. It is exhausting being an expat! xx

  8. I can't believe I've never watched this one - have put it at the very top of my Netflix queue today - thanks dear for the heads up! Lovely photos re-posted, hope I can visit Chartwell some day.

    My mother served with Sarah Churchill (Sir Winston and Clementine's daughter) in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) during WW2. I have an amazing, and very unusual, ring with the young Queen Victoria's head embossed which Sarah gave to mother while they were close friends - I really treasure it.

    Happy weekend - glad you got so much computer organizing completed. Today I'm busy planning clothes for an upcoming Birthday trip - think cashmere and boots might do it!

    Hugs - Mary

    1. Mary...another treasure, I love it! The fact that you are thinking cashmere and boot for an upcoming birthday trip has me green with envy...enjoy! I hope the weather gives you cool, crisp autumn days...all the way through. :)

  9. E joyed reading your post about Chartwell. Beautiful English garden. The movie definitely sounds like one I shall seek out. The wait for the next Downton Abbey season is tough!!

    1. I know Sanda...Downton Abbey can't come soon enough! I hope you enjoy The Gathering Storm! :)

  10. My dad is a committed Anglophile and a voracious reader of anything to do with WW2. Churchill is one of his heroes and, by osmosis, mine too. I hold a deep admiration for that most stubborn of British bulldogs :) I've never been to Chartwell yet but I have visited Blenheim Palace, where Churchill was born and his grave-site in Bladon.

    1. father was also an admirer. I have video collection on Churchill from my father's library, I think of him every time I see it. :)

  11. You posted this on Saturday!I just got it on TUESDAY morning!!!
    Love the yellow roses and flowers!I do only yellow and white in the back garden...........
    How is your SON doing at boarding school???

  12. Hi Contessa..I can just imagine what a yellow and white garden looks like...beautiful! Our son starts boarding school in Australia. Mother is feeling the empty nest syndrome coming on...xx


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