If you live in New England…..and love gardens

Juniper Hill Farm, New Hampshire
Photo: Joe Valentine

If you live in New England
and love gardens...
there is something pretty special 
happening in our corner of the world.
I think you will love it!

 2014 Open Day Program for the 
is finally here.


On Saturday, August 23rd 
in Francestown and Peterborough, New Hampshire,
Six beautiful private gardens will be open to the public,
 including the garden below of my blogging pal,

I do not want to give too much away because you really need to "experience"
the garden at Juniper Hill Farm….it is one of my favourites.

Juniper Hill Farm, New Hampshire
Photo: Joe Valentine
Juniper Hill Farm, New Hampshire
Photo: Joe Valentine

Juniper Hill Farm, New Hampshire
Photo: Joe Valentine

To top off the day…you can attend a lecture
and book signing by garden writer Tovah Martin, entitled
It will be held on Saturday, August 23 at 7:00pm at Bass Hall
at the Monadnock Center for History and Culture, 
19 Grove Street, Peterborough, New Hampshire


Consider it a garden weekend
for on Sunday, August 24, five enchanting
private gardens in Bellows Falls, Westminster West, Hartland,
Springfield and Windsor, Vermont will be open to the public. Details here.

In addition to all this, Broken Arrow Nursery will feature a plant sale
at Juniper Hill Farm in Francestown, New Hampshire on Saturday
and again on Sunday, August 24th at Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden in
Westminster West, Vermont.

I wrote about a visit to Gordon and Mary Hayward's garden last year…here
I took the photos below last summer. It is a very special place.

Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden
Photo: Jeanne Henriques
Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden
Photo: Jeanne Henriques

Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden
Photo: Jeanne Henriques
Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden
Photo: Jeanne Henriques

I do not want to give to much away because you really need to wander
each garden to fully appreciate the hard work
the owners put into the planning and care of their gardens.
It will be well worth it, I promise!

You can read more about the individual gardens below:

Saturday, August 23

Peterborough, New Hampshire 

Francestown, New Hampshire 

Sunday, August 24

Windsor, Vermont

Springfield, Vermont

Hartland, Vermont

West Westminster, Vermont

Bellows Falls, Vermont

Admission to each garden is $5.00, 
payable in cash or check at each location.

Hope to see you there!!


  1. sigh. sending this on to two Florida friends on holiday in New England. They recently moved and I have three of their plants in my garden.

  2. These are all so stunning - as a New Englander, a few need to be added to our places to visit list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glorious! I so wish I could make it over this weekend. This is my idea of heaven. Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. xo

  4. So looking forward to Saturday and visiting these gardens! The Hayward's garden is stunning. I was just enthralled when I visited it earlier this summer on another garden tour day. They had a singer/guitarist entertaining, so you entered the garden it was enchanting to hear the music softly floating through the air. I couldn't stop taking pictures!

  5. As the extreme heat here in Texas is making it terribly difficult to keep our plants alive, much less flourishing, these lovely gardens are a welcome sight. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your time there this weekend.

  6. Hello Jeanne
    These gardens look fascinating and so varied. I would love to be there but it is my birthday on Sunday and I am going to be celebrating with family in Ireland. My garden is in need of attention but it must wait a few more weeks.
    Hope you are enjoying every minute of this beautiful summer
    Helen xx

  7. Jeanne, Jim's garden is fabulous! I love to see his photos on his blog and Facebook. I was so hoping to visit his garden this year but my trip to that area will not be until September.

    I am sure that everyone who attends will be amazed at the beauty of all of these special and loved gardens.

    xo Elizabeth

  8. Such beautiful gardens!! Maybe Tahilla will be on there next year?? It is hard to believe summer is almost over...I will miss your lovely posts about life at Tahilla, but look forward to hearing more about expat life in Vietnam. xoxo

  9. Hi Jeanne! Thanks so much for your beautiful post and for bringing our Open Days event to the attention of all your loyal readers! I hope we have a chance to meet many of them this Saturday! Here's hoping things are well over at beautiful Tahilla! :) Cheers, Joe

  10. Hi Jeanne,
    Juniper Hill Farm is gorgeous! I would love to visit it one day. The Garden Conservancy is a wonderful group and my garden was part of the open days in Los Angeles a few years ago. I go to Open Days each year. I wish I were on the east coast right now to take advantage of it. And those photos are beautiful. Yours as well, of the second garden. Thank you so much for giving us a look at Joe's little eden.
    xx Sunday

  11. So lush and so green and so exquisite.If only NewHampshire or Vermont is not too far from the West Coast...

  12. What a lovely garden! Your roses are stunning! It's like paradise! You have the cutest accessories; the birdhouse on the step ladder is adorable. I love the float the water too; I would never leave! Thank you for sharing your piece of Heaven! Have a fabulous weekend!
    Indoor Garden in a small living Space


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