What's with the Happy?


What's with the Happy?
My youngest son and I have been spending quality time together these past weeks. He is embarking on his senior year of high school, prepping for a long year in anticipation of the HSC (High School Certificate) in New South Wales, Australia.

Come study time he sits at the kitchen table working on essays for legal studies while I write and type away at a desk in the corner of the room. I like being close at hand for any questions that might come up and they often do. 

Last night he asked if I would like to read the legal essay he was working on. I always say yes...even though I know it will be far more arduous than reading and writing one of my blog posts. I read his essay, commented and then returned to my corner, slipping back into my world..usually laughing as I go. 

This begged the question... 

Mom, what's with the happy? Why do you always write about happy things? I know your life isn't always happy...why don't you write about the difficult times as well?

Well..he asked...so I told him. I figure if I can read one of his legal essays he can hear my story.

I explained to him that I write to release the conversations in my head, good and bad. There is a sense of freedom when I write...when I am feeling sad, it allows me to take the angst and turn it into something positive. Writing and blogging takes me places where I want and need to go...in the end, it always feels good. I only wish I had time to write more often.

He then asked...

Who reads your blog? Are they old...er like you?
I explained how fortunate I have been to meet like minds along the way, minds of all ages, ones with a creative spirit who embrace life and look to live it to it's fullest. Expats, travellers, gardeners, artists, writers...men and women...and the list goes on. They travel with me from country to country, year to year and often times along the way we find a way to meet. I reminded him about Lisa, Joe, Paula and the blind blogging date...a reminder that Tahilla Farm would still be a distant dream if it had not been for that date. 

I can't say that he fully grasped what I was saying (except the Tahilla part)...but it gave him pause to think about it. I asked if he would like to subscribe to my blog. He looked at the books overflowing before him and said.. maybe later...and then asked if I would like to read another legal essay. 

Happy Mother. 
Happy Place. 
Collage of Life. 

"A sense of freedom is something that, 
happily, comes from age and experience."
Diane Keaton

Let's hear it for age and experience! 

Jeanne xx

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  1. Your son would probably be horrified at all the "old biddies" that love your blog - all ages, all sizes and shapes, many countries, different outlooks. All allied in their enjoyment of your openness and honesty about your life. Smile on!

  2. Blogging is indeed a wonderful world. At one's fingertips are beautiful travels, books, adventures, recipes and friendships, even if one never meets their "blog friend." Emails, comments, letters and more are wonderful ways to connect with friends near and far.

    I love to read all sorts of blogs and my favorites are the ones where the writer/author are the most authentic. I think it is what brings people back to the same favorite blogs more and more. Your blog is like that, you are honest, adventurous and happy and I love it.

    Thanks for sharing and for taking us along on your adventures far and wide!

  3. Wise epiphany from one so young. Even at his age, I already had friends in their 70's/80's.

    How will this play in his life? Sharing thru the grit, to hope. Knowing joy is even within deep sorrow and to the more obvious, sublime.

    Lucky you, front row seat.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  4. ...er like you. :) Thank you for the laugh aloud (being I'm old in a time line way)
    I feel reading law is often fascinating and enjoyable, in the ways we push ourselves around with words to fit society together. This blog enhances, and fits well with the blog world.

  5. Why not be happy. According to your son I am ancient. I could never have imagined what pleasure blogging has brought. With a cup of coffee, early in the morning, I can make a trip around the world, I can share a few trips around the world that I have made. I can share the almost every day, happy days. Ordinary days can be written about by others...I know what I like and those are the blogs I am drawn to.

  6. GORGEOUS.............but why did I think he was in school back EAST?
    Lucky YOU is all I can say.............I had one SON for dinner last night!Left me with a knot in my tummy!The other SON is driving from the EAST COAST to the WEST COAST.........should be in COLORADO today!He has my grand dogs and a NEW girlfriend in tow!
    Tell your SON that you have a CONTESSA reading...............and I would imagine a few other ROYALS!!!!!!!!XX

  7. Your son sounds like an amazing young person. When he's done with his studies and out in the world, he'll probably return to read your blog from the years gone by and understand what a rich history you are writing and will be leaving for him and the family.

    Have a wonderful week in Sydney dear Jeanne - and please keep on writing for us right now!
    Hugs - Mary

  8. What a lovely post Jeanne. Your son has great wisdom for one so young. But I am sure he will also find that as he lives his life, things that ignite his passions now will become much less important when he is in his 50s, 60s, and 70s. The simple things in life take on such pleasure and meaning. It is only 5 in the morning here, and I can hear the kookaburras laughing- heralding the day with joy and vigour. When I was a teenager, that would have annoyed me, and I would have pulled the pillow over my head and wished for the noise to stop. Now, it just makes me smile ... such a passion for life and living. Ah, there they go, laughing again!

  9. I am sure that we, your readers, are glad that you write about happy things. Yes, blogging is a wonderful journey and the people we meet along the way are what makes it so special.

  10. Jeanne, It is your style of communication that has engaged me in every one of your posts for years. Happy and sad are but small pieces - the story of how things are going includes a bit of it all, and your sharing is a piece of life I treasure. Retired, writing, watching birds, creating, gardening and now coaching new immigrants from Congo with English language and reading. Life is always opening new, surprising doors and windows. Thank you for sharing with us all around the globe your window and door openings and surprises.
    Much love and appreciation, Kristin

  11. Yes, our family is a life's gift of happiness. "I write to release the conversations in my head," and we hope the conversations continue.

    The acceptance is an experience in itself.

    You are climbing the numbers.

  12. To turn angst or what else into something positive is one of the most helpful attitude to life and the best you can do for yourself. To share this wisdom with
    your son is absolutely great and pedagogic. I also agree with D.Keaton's saying...and b.t.w. saw your new photo today on your blog ...you look fantastic.

  13. Hello Jeanne, just found your blog and will read it through over the holidays. Found you via Pam and believe you are relocating to Hong Kong. What an adventure you will have. We came to HK some 30 years ago for a 3 year contract and are still there. Love life in HK and we do spend time in Sydney and Perth as our children, who originally attended Island School, now live in Sydney. Hopefully we can meet in HK sometime next year. Best wishes Lillian aka starchedlinen IG. xx


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