What's with the Happy?


What's with the Happy?
My youngest son and I have been spending quality time together these past weeks. He is embarking on his senior year of high school, prepping for a long year in anticipation of the HSC (High School Certificate) in New South Wales, Australia.

Come study time he sits at the kitchen table working on essays for legal studies while I write and type away at a desk in the corner of the room. I like being close at hand for any questions that might come up and they often do. 

Last night he asked if I would like to read the legal essay he was working on. I always say yes...even though I know it will be far more arduous than reading and writing one of my blog posts. I read his essay, commented and then returned to my corner, slipping back into my world..usually laughing as I go. 

This begged the question... 

Mom, what's with the happy? Why do you always write about happy things? I know your life isn't always happy...why don't you write about the difficult times as well?

Well..he asked...so I told him. I figure if I can read one of his legal essays he can hear my story.

I explained to him that I write to release the conversations in my head, good and bad. There is a sense of freedom when I write...when I am feeling sad, it allows me to take the angst and turn it into something positive. Writing and blogging takes me places where I want and need to go...in the end, it always feels good. I only wish I had time to write more often.

He then asked...

Who reads your blog? Are they old...er like you?
I explained how fortunate I have been to meet like minds along the way, minds of all ages, ones with a creative spirit who embrace life and look to live it to it's fullest. Expats, travellers, gardeners, artists, writers...men and women...and the list goes on. They travel with me from country to country, year to year and often times along the way we find a way to meet. I reminded him about Lisa, Joe, Paula and the blind blogging date...a reminder that Tahilla Farm would still be a distant dream if it had not been for that date. 

I can't say that he fully grasped what I was saying (except the Tahilla part)...but it gave him pause to think about it. I asked if he would like to subscribe to my blog. He looked at the books overflowing before him and said.. maybe later...and then asked if I would like to read another legal essay. 

Happy Mother. 
Happy Place. 
Collage of Life. 

"A sense of freedom is something that, 
happily, comes from age and experience."
Diane Keaton

Let's hear it for age and experience! 

Jeanne xx

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