Please join me...along the Poetry Trail

Misty morning...Tahilla Farm

Mr. H and I recently set off into the woods to work on the Tahilla Farm Trail. He with his Silky Zubat Pole Saw and me with my trusty wee axe. We spent time limbing trees, clearing trail paths, stacking wood and appreciating the beauty around us. While we worked, I had Tahilla Gatherings on my mind and the thought of creating a poetry trail.
The first official Tahilla Gathering is happening in October! There will be an invigorating nip in the air as autumn leaves settle onto the winding trails. What better time to stop, listen, reflect and read before moving onto the next spot. 

Imaginary worlds..

I often think of our inner child and imaginary worlds, a post I wrote after my first experience walking through our woods in 2013. That imaginary world is still with me on the trail: through the tree lined path, between the stone walls, over the fields and the wooden bridge, along the stony brook to where the two brooks meet, then to the "thinking" stone below the crest where I like to rest. Each one of these places is worthy of stopping and reading. I love the idea of taking a deep breath and contemplating life in words. My wish is for my guests to end the trail feeling inspired and uplifted, much the way I hope for them to feel at a Tahilla Gathering

From the "thinking stone"

A few years ago I wrote about my little book of hope, a place where I write words and thoughts that inspire me. I have filled several books since then and plan to select my favorites for the trail. What would make this project extra special to me is to have something from you. Do you have a favorite verse, poem...a few words of inspiration that I could include on the trail? Your name will be included, for me, that is the best part of the trail, sharing words we love. I hope that some day you will walk with me...I would love to show you my imaginary world. ;)

A wild Tahilla Gathering...

The latest news on Tahilla Gatherings....
It's happening! The first event is scheduled for October 26-28 2019 at Tahilla Farm in New Hampshire.  Diana Place of Third Act Quest has a mission to guide ten women in their 40's, 50's and 60's to uncover their passion and purpose in life. I am very excited to kick off Tahilla Gatherings with this very special program. I have experienced Diana's workshop first hand and it's fabulous! We have delicious meals planned, time to reflect, work and walk along the Tahilla Farm trail to enjoy poetry and this lovely time of year... fall in New England. 

You can read about the October event at Tahilla Farm HERE

When Fall Comes to New England...Tahilla Farm

Everyone in my family knows when fall is on my mind,
it starts with this song by Cheryl Wheeler.
When Fall Comes To New England
Words and Music By:
Cheryl Wheeler

When fall comes to New England
The sun slants in so fine
And the air's so clear
You can almost hear the grapes grow on the vine

The nights are sharp with starlight
And the days are cool and clean
And in the blue sky overhead
The northern geese fly south in stead
And leaves are Irish Setter Red
When fall comes to New England

When fall comes to New England
And the wind blows off the sea
Swallows fly in a perfect sky
And the world was meant to be

When the acorns line the walkways
Then winter can't be so far
From yellow leaves a blue jay calls
Grandmothers walk out in their shawl
And chipmunks run the old stone walls
When fall comes to New England

The frost is on the pumpkin
The squash is off the vine
And winter warnings race across the sky
The squirrels are on to something
And they're working overtime
The foxes blink and stare and so do I
'Cause when fall comes to New England
Oh I can't turn away
From fading light on flying wings
And late good-byes a robin sings
And then another thousand things
When fall comes to New England

When fall comes to New England

If you have a poem for the Tahilla Farm Poetry Trail
you can leave a comment below or write to me
or write to me wherever you follow me

Thank you! Thank you!
Best wishes for a lovely weekend!!

Jeanne xx


  1. Oh Jeanne how lovely it all looks - there can't be any season where Tahilla's splendor falters. I can imagine you and Mr. H clearing the farm trail together, and what a wonderful idea for a 'Poetry Trail' which I'm sure will be a very special, and enjoyable, part of the Gatherings itinerary. I just wish I was younger and could participate (you realize I'm aged out, boo hoo!). I will be thinking of you all though, especially as my birthday falls at that time.

    We've survived the hurricane and this morning rather than beating a trail through major damage, thankfully there's just a lot small debris to clean up around the deck and garden. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those where damage and injury has occurred - and the latest news from the Bahamas stopped me in my tracks early today, just heartbreaking.

    Enjoy the weekend - Mary x

    1. Mary, you are never aged out! Heaven forbid! Stay tuned...there will be other programs, I am sure you will enjoy them. :))

  2. Love the Poetry Trail! Worth it work clearing the paths.
    Herman Melville's beautiful poem, "Art" is my favorite poem.
    Along the path at the Robert Frost Trail in Ripton, Vermont, there are poems posted at intervals with a bench nearby. The experience is refreshing, in an outdoor museum way. Poems along a deeper woods' path, small tucked away words into the flora like a wildflowers, (but not a lot of them), I think creates a richer Nature atmosphere.

    1. I agree with you...poems along a deeper woods's path enriches the experience. Thank you so much for the poem suggestions, I am off to write it down now. I went along to the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, New Hampshire to walk the poetry trail...loved it!

  3. Love the image of you two on a path with tools. Isn't that the essence of life?

    1. Agree Lisa, it is, I love getting my hands dirty, especially in the woods. ;)

  4. So many words . . . I am a collector of quotes that speak to me. Here is one:

    "Keep in mind how fast things pass by and are gone–those that are now and those to come. Existence flows past us like a river: the ‘what’ is in constant flux, the ‘why’ has a thousand variations. Nothing is stable, not even what’s right here. The infinity of past and future gapes before us–a chasm whose depths we cannot see."
    - Marcus Aurelius

    1. Thank you Jeannine, I truly appreciate it, this is wonderful!

  5. I shall pass this way but once
    Look up not down
    Out not in
    Forward not back

  6. Hi Jeanne! I am late in thanking you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment about linens. My vintage linen posts always attract the attention of fellow linen lovers. Your upcoming gathering sounds perfect. My son recently moved to Wisconsin and speaks of the woods as you do. He was raised in the desert SW so it is all so impressive to live in the woods for a change. I read you piece on imaginary worlds and was reminded of what a vivid time of life young childhood is. Exploring at that stage of life leaves such a deep and lasting impression. And I wonder if it is the freeing up of more leisure time again after our own flocks have flown that stimulates those early imaginary pleasures. Anyway I feel that way when I am free to wander alone. My mind always goes back to my favorite woodland stories and fancies. You have a simply thrilling farm! So wonderful that you can share it.

    1. Thank you for sharing Jacqueline, I love the notion of woodland stories and fancies. :))

  7. Hello Jeanne, would love to know more about the poems that made the trail...sounds so lovely.


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