Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothering Sunday

It is Mothering Sunday in England 
and what a wonderful day it has been! 
On Friday, at my doorstep, I discovered 
this lovely green box 

and inside were three of the 
sweetest little hat boxes
filled with flowers

the card...
'Love from your UK children'
Claire, Connor and 
your faithful companion 
Tika' (dog)

Then later in the day, another box was delivered...

A beautiful arrangement 
from the talented Jane Packer
and the card....
'Love from your Down Under children
Aussie Pat and Kiwi Christine'

and today I woke up to this

The Julie and Julia DVD  with a sample Julia's cookbook!

I am one happy gal :) :) :)
~Although ~
I must mention...
this is not without some forethought on my part
I have blogged about all of the above in the last few weeks....
Prior to that, I added Mr. H and my lovely children 
to my email subscription list
so they could follow my every word....on all three blogs :)
I see they were paying attention!!

So ladies and gents if you find no one is listening to 
your subtle hints, add your family members 
to your blog subscription list 
and you may just get lucky!

Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Jeanne, hope you have a lovely Mothers Day, your gifts are gorgeous. Well done you for adding your family to your blog, I am going to do the same and will see if they pay attention!

  2. How beautiful all of those flowers are! So Springy!
    Happy Mothering Sunday to you!

  3. How wonderful. The flowers are all gorgeous and the Julie and Julia DVD and cookbook are just perfect gifts. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. What thoughtful children and husband. Even with the little hints-they could have done something so very different!
    So you have flowers to cheer your home and good reading and watching for the other senses~ now you'll have to cook something special for yourself. Happy Mother's Day dear Jeanne.

  5. Hi Jeanne, What beautiful bouquets, thank you for sharing them. I'd be happy to receive any of these gifts on Mothering Sunday in France.
    But I do still have a nostalgia for those weird and wonderful hand-made gifts, prepared in secret at primary school, and more often than not requiring at least one empty loo roll holder, or old box of matches! Remember them?
    Happy Mothers Day!

  6. Oh, what gorgeous flowers! Nothing better.
    Wishing you a very happy Mothering Sunday!
    Edward sends wishes too, I'm sure. Even though he's asleep on my feet at the moment.

  7. Oh Jeanne - OK now I'm taking things a step further..I sent my son a gift from the Real Flower Company at Christmas & hoped he would get the hint!! Thanks for the suggestion..hope you had a wonderful day - how could you not, beautiful gifts, beautiful children and the sun was shining!!! x

  8. Hy, good morning. I dont speak inglish very well, but thanks for your comment in my blog. Espero sua visita, foi um prazer.

  9. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady! I am glad you had a wonderful day.


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