Books, Postcards, a Proposal and Tahilla Farm

I was going to write to you today about my recent trip to Taipei where I met the most interesting woman, travelled through time and fell in love with an age old practice...but that will have to wait.

I have this eensy weensy habit of getting so excited about something...that I have to act right away.  When someone says to wait, give it a few days, mull it's agony, my brain starts to spasm and my body follows suit. Apply that to blogging and you have a potential train wreck.

I learned long ago that when the blog spirit moves you, it is best to go with it. Trying to stay on topic when your mind is going down another path is like someone telling you not to dance when your body is aching to move to the rhythm of the beat. Ok, enough analogies...I am getting too excited.

Because now is now..and this thought may be gone tomorrow.



I am loving... Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening: How I learned the unexpected joy of a green thumb and an open heart by Carol Wall. It is Carol's first book and I am so enthralled, I had to write, because I know many of you will enjoy it too.

Carol "had me" in the Prologue..

"It was kismet. Love at first sight. Not, it wasn't the kind of love that causes you to question your marriage. It was the kind of love that causes you to question yourself. The kind that makes you want to be a better person. The kind that changes your life completely.

His name was Giles Owita, and from the start, something flowered between us and around us. First be became my gardener, and then he became my friend. And while I knew from that moment I met him that he was someone special-truly, I didn't know the half of it."

I am going to leave the rest to you before I gush can read all about this thoughtful and poetic story here

What I love about this book is that it came at the suggestion of a reader who I have never met but feel like I know well. So, I am writing this post as a thank you to Jennifer from Bendigo, Australia for making this wonderful suggestion to me and for another book she has recommended Little Daughter: A memoir of Survival in Burma and the West by Zoya Phan.


In the wings...from blogging buddy, Lisa in Vermont,  That Part Was True by Deborah McKinlay. I love anything Lisa recommends, especially as she is the one who found Tahilla Farm for us. She has impecable taste! (story here)


A synopsis...

When Eve Petworth writes to Jackson Cooper to praise a scene in one of his books, they discover a mutual love of cookery and food. Their friendship blossoms against the backdrop of Jackson's colourful, but ultimately unsatisfying, love-life and Eve's tense relationship with her soon-to-be married daughter. As each of them offers, form behind the veils of semi-anonymity and distance, wise and increasingly affectionate counsel to the other, they both begin to confront their problems and plan a celebratory meeting in Paris-- a meeting that Eve fears can never happen.

I am looking forward to getting stuck into this book, if you would like to do the here


Summer at Tahilla Farm

My feet are literally doing a tap dance under my desk as I think about the count down to returning to Tahilla Farm in the mountains of New Hampshire. I have from early May through mid-September to get cracking on construction plans and enjoy country life. I was especially excited to receive the photo below from tree man extraordinaire, Swift Corwin ( story here). He went along to check out the one mile trail he created for us on our I have yet to walk. The sleepy brook that I meandered across last summer is in full throttle as the winter snows melt and carries on to places unknown. I can't wait to put my wellies on and slush around in the mud. Really and truly!

Winter at Tahilla Farm...with thanks to Swift Corwin


I picked up the postcard below in Taipei last weekend..and am writing away, to send one off to those of you who requested a postcard. I hope you don't mind that some will come from Taipei by way of Vietnam. I am catching up on the requests and will be sure to drop you a line once I pop your postcard in the mail. I would love to hear from you once you receive it...I just love that part! 

If you would still like to get in on the postcard fun, write to me at or leave a comment. We will connect one way or another!


We received exciting news this week. My goddaughter, Miss Meghan, is engaged to be married. A friend secretly snapped this photo as the big event occurred. Can you guess which moment this is? So sweet!

I love that this all took place in Rockport, Massachusetts, a place that has woven itself through the hearts of my family for generations ( story here). There is no questions that the luck of the Irish is with Meghan and Dan. We are all so excited for them!

I will leave you here..with thanks once again for your comments 
and emails surrounding the search for Tom (story here). 
You touched my heart..and I believe his as well. 

Before you go, do tell..
What are you reading now?
Do you have any books to recommend?
We would love to know!

Jeanne xx

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