Stepping Out…Stepping In…Smile.

Stepping up..Oudong Mountain, Cambodia

 Ever feel like you need to step out before you can step in?

You know that feeling when you get itchy feet, the mind can't quite settle and you need to 'step out', whether it be in body or mind. The remedy is often straightforward… it might be a heavy day of weed whacking in your garden, cycling along your favourite roads, kayaking to that special place that makes you hum as you glide along, having a time out at a cafe, museum wandering or sitting on a bench, watching the world go by. Wherever you go, physically or mentally…it can make all the difference.
I have been stepping out, or rather, stepping up, in Cambodia these past few days, trying my hand at 'tag along wife' again. I think after a few attempts at this gig, I finally got it right. Ok..Mr. H will remind me that I did get in the wrong car…AGAIN…and was about embark onto adventures unknown before I realised that the whole scene had an all to familiar feeling to it. Let's just say that in my later years I have a habit of taking' happy wanderer' to the extreme. But I am ok with that...

I have been stepping out and up in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with my camera this week…before stepping back Vietnam.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have been getting around a bit. I will post more once I have all my thoughts together. For today, I just want to share those few photos that made me smile. That's all it took for me…a few smiles and I am ready to step back in.

Buddha. Smile.

Orange flowing monks. Smile.

Lotus love. Smile.

Old people. Smile.

Love Mother Nature. Smile.

Embrace. Smile. 

Love life. Smile.

That's all it took for me…how about you? 
Do you need to step out before you can step back in?

What does it for you?
Museum wandering
Cafe time
Watching the world go by

  Would love to know…  

Jeanne xx

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