An Artist's Life And A Little Night Music

There is something about this room. 
Maybe it is the big bowl of shells on the table
or the little leather case next to it.
I can't help wondering what is inside...

Imagine sitting in that chair and looking
out onto a beautiful garden. 
The peace and quiet would be lovely.

A bouquet of fresh flowers on the table.
Interior and welcoming.
Could the blue painted chest contain a treasure or two?
The rugs and that gorgeous chest of draws 
 must have an interesting story behind them. 
I wonder....

This home is featured in the November 2010 issue of Country Living UK.
It is the home of painter, Sandra Whitmore

You can tell a creative person lives here. 
She has surrounded herself with beautiful and thoughtful objects.
I imagine she is continuously inspired by her surroundings.

Of course, a setting like this needs a little music.
Have you heard of Tina Malia?
She is another artist that manages to bring it all home.

A little night music...enjoy!


  1. What a divine lived in home. I agree it looks just like an artist's house.

  2. I love these gorgeous images and I also love that song. Thanks for telling me about Tina Malia. I will have to download some of her music for my ipod!

    Best wishes,

  3. Lovely images from the artist' home! Thank you so much for sharing...her work is beautiful!


  4. Yes...very artistic...wonderful photos!!

  5. That first image will be in next week's top ten for sure!! Thank you Jeanne...glorious post.

  6. Great blog! Love the profile pic :)

  7. I agree - there is something very interesting about that room. It nothing like my house, but something calls me to this style - simple, but sophisticated.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am beginning to think that Jeanne and home are synonymous. A true lover of hearth and warmth, you are.

    Joy always,

  9. Beautiful music. Great pics, I think that chest of drawers is filled with memories. Old photo albums, gorgeous linens and bit and pieces collected from different countries.

    Could be your chest of drawers?

  10. Love that first room Jeanne
    so warm and cozy.. and persian rugs.. or kilims.. fabulous!!! Have a wonderful week!!! xxx Julie

  11. Fabulous images of gorgeous ,inspiring homes.I feel so inpired by your gorgeous post glad I found you!

  12. Thanks everyone. I am not sure what it was about this article, it just struck me. I call it the 'flip back'. You flip thru lots of magazine pages and then you have those one or two that make you stop and 'flip back' to look at it again. I went back to this one several times. It had staying power :))

  13. Ok, I really love your blog, excellent taste.
    Now I lhave a translator widget, so you can stop by my blog.

  14. Ah, sweet! Love peeking into artists' one-of-a-kind.

  15. What a beautiful home, so simple, so rich with color and furnishings. I love the first room. My first impression was that the setting was in old Bombay and could imagine someone writing in a journal...and Tina Malia is also divine...thank you for a beautiful post.

  16. Jeanne I think you should do a post about the nationality of an interior. Today we think that houses look the same and follow the same fashions from one side of the planet to the other, but to me this lovely interior could only be British.

    I like her paintings

  17. Sharon, what a brilliant idea! You have me thinking have me thinking now...

    Becky, Tereza and Kittie ...I think I have discovered travelers at heart too.

  18. Think I am definitely going to have to look out for this edition of Country Living here on the shelves in a few months time.. thanks for the preview Jeanne. Just love this house. x

  19. Such a beautiful home! I'm sure the blue chest is full of secrets ... wouldn't it be nice to know the stories it hides?

    Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment, Jeanne!

  20. Tina Malia is fabulous. I love her music! And that artist's house is comforting and beautiful.


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