Anticipation, Experience, Reflection: Jerusalem

I look at traveling on three levels 
and find each equally exciting.

First is the anticipation of a trip, you plan, 
discuss, research, pack and and away you go. 
This stage can take weeks if not months or years 
depending on the trip. 

Next is the experience. This is where you make it all happen, 
where you take it for all it is worth and make it the experience of a lifetime. 

It is your experience, you own it, 
you make it the best it can be.

Last but not least is reflection
Some, like me, will photograph every minute, 
others would not think of using a camera 
so as to live in the moment

Some will write, some will draw
some will shop to their heart's content 
and others will do all of the above. 
We choose the method that suits us best. 
If it was an unforgettable journey you will 
find a way to be reminded of it every day.

Am I being a little over zealous about the travel experience? Perhaps.
Ordinarily, in a non-blogging state of mind, 
I would look at my photos, file them and be done...for a while.

But now...I have found the joy of blogging and my travel
experiences have not been the same since.

Now I look at over 1200 photos and think..OMG
which ones do I show??????????

I am going to inhale, exhale and let go of the delerium
and just get on with a few of my favourites.

Oh, look at that...I'm done. 
Not really as there is so much more to say and this is the first three days 
of our trip with three more to go. I have books and notes etc..on my 
thoughts and observations as we travelled but this could easily end up 
looking like a version of War and Peace (literally) if I tried to put it all in. 
I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, 
you can reach me at

There is more to come...
I haven't shown you Mr. H and I covered in mud before
dipping into the Dead Sea...
:)) :)) :))

PS..If you are interested in more photos of Jerusalem
you can visit me @ In One Place..with a camera.

necklace  via  Rose Creek Cottage

 other images~me


  1. Awesome photos, I love that you have captured the culture and history of such an amazing place.

    Look forward to seeing more.

  2. I love it Jeanne! I can never get tired of these photos. And I am like you - so many photos for every trip. I'd rather have them rather than regret not having gotten them later.

  3. You have described perfectly the many gifts of travel! Loved this!

  4. I love what you see through your camera lens, and your photos just get better and better.....must be that new camera.
    Tell me, was the Holy Land as memorable as some find it to be? It is a trip I have yet to make.

  5. I share your love of travel and like your plan. Welcome home . . . look forward to hearing more about your trip.

    I am beginning to look forward to exploring our new city (Chicago.) We move in two weeks.

    I hope to be like you . . . fully embracing the experience. I like that about you, Jeanne.


  6. Jeanne, it was fabulous to see your photos..they're all wonderful and evocative and there's no way I could pick a favourite. Travel is such an enriching experience isn't it and we are very blessed to be able to do it. And I'd have to agree that blogging has taken the way we relive it to a whole different level!

  7. Oh, Jeanne! Thanks ever so much for sharing these with us. What a glorious ride! You seem to have captured the very essence of the place. And now I'm following your photography blog as well - I think I am now following you fourfold! J x

  8. These photos are amazing! I'm like you - I take a thousand photos when I travel - but none of them as good as yours I'm afraid.


  9. Such wonderful photographs and you are so right about the three stages of travelling. I love the memories though as they are with you forever. x

  10. It`s been years since I put my feet on the holy ground of Israel and it really felt like a holy ground!...It`s an amazing part of the world and I remember I liked the sound of the language very much (but don`t understand a word... :)) And I found the people, especially the young one`s very good-looking, original Falavel a delicious and the Dead Sea a funny/salty experience!!!
    Your beautiful photos remind me of a lot....thanks for sharing Jeanne and thank you for your very, very sweet comment on my last posting (I left a note there for you...)
    Many *Travel greetings* from woman to woman, Beate :)

  11. Jeanne - these are brilliant photos - you are truly gifted!

  12. Laurie,

    Thank you,it is very kind of you to say!
    It is very easy to do, just point and shoot :))

  13. Thank you all for your comments. I am glad to see that others feel the same way about travelling :))

    Lulu--yes, I have to say that the Holy Land is as memorable as you would expect. Even more so now that I have time to reflect on it all. I found the most surprising things which I am in the process of writing about. More on that soon. I am trying to find a way to write it so it is quick and snappy and I fear the Holy Land is not a quick and snappy topic :)) glad to read that we share similar travel experiences, travel greetings from woman to woman to you as well :))

  14. I so agree!...anticipation is almost as wonderful as the trip itself...I get so excited and interested in everything....Israel is an amazing country...loving your pics...glad to have found your is just up my alley!, Susan

  15. Oh Jeanne you're giving me itchy feet! I agree with you about travelling - the anticipation, the planning, the being in fabulous places and the joy of savouring every moment when you get home. Jerusalem looks wonderful - I'll add it to the ever increasing list! Thank you for all the fabulous photos. Leigh

  16. My mom used to say something like that....she's say before a trip that "half the fun of a trip is the anticipation of it! If I never get to go, I have enjoyed the planning of it and sometimes in my mind, it's almost like I am there!"
    Your photos are fabulous as always and you are like me...taking a LOT to capture every special moment! I love that you said that blogging is now a new dimiension to your travels in remembering. Blogging is that to me as well as a diary for life. If no one else ever reads it, it is a journal for me as life goes one....the highs and the lows.
    I'll enjoy seeing your photo site...thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Ohhhhh, but I loved your photos. They're awesome. Totally captured Jerusalem (and Tiberius with the pelicans, magnificent!) You've got a great eye and feeling for all around you. I'm sooooo enjoying your trip!!!

  18. Jeanne I find that I look so forward to new experiences, and tend to really cherish every moment, even when I cannot possibly do everything I would like!! Great thoughts and images as always.

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  19. OMG!! this is a fabulous post! I can almost feel that I am there with you.Thank for for posting these amazing pictures for us to enjoy today..I just love,love what you see through your camera lens.

  20. You're an amazing talent!!!!! These photos are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I can tell you have a great love of your craft. Keep it up. So pretty.

  21. I feel like you have given me a private tour of Jerusalem. Your photos and your words describe it so perfectly that they belong in a coffee table book or travel memoir.

  22. Dear Jeanne - thank you for your sweet message and for these gorgeous photos - taking me back many years to a similar trip - I don't think you are overstating it at all - I love your summary of the stages of a trip - sums it up beautifully! Wish I was planning a visit somewhere - alas, the only thing I am planning is getting up at 6.00 am tomorrow morning for my first placement of my course!! It's all going well but it's very early days so I'm not going to jinx it by proclaiming that I'm a model student and everything is going swimmingly!! It's a bit like being back in the first days of 'big school' in reality....a learning curve (literally)! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing some more of these lovely pics! Very best wishes x

  23. Amazing photos Jeanne - Jerusalem looks magical, I so hope to visit one day. I do agree with oyu about the process of travel, start to finish... sometimes it almost feels that the anticipation is the best bit of all!

    Not over zealous in the slightest. Or if you are, i'm there with you. Great post!

  24. Your photos are amazing, you managed to capture the essence of the place.

  25. Jeanne, I enjoyed reading this post. I love your images, I'm sure it was just a glimpse of your wonderful experience. :)

  26. Astonishing images...what a delight to have travelled to you blog tonight!

  27. Thank you so much for using my Travel Necklace in this beautiful blogpost!! What a beautiful beautiful blog!!! Isn't it wonderful to be able to share our experiences through the magical land of blogs~


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