Taking Flight in Jerusalem

When you least expect it, 
you find it.

A wonderful surprise, 
one after the other.

Sculptor: Yehudith Pascal

Thank you all for your very kind wishes
for our travels to Jerusalem this past week.
I thought of you all often:) 

Wishing one and all a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Jeanne, these are amazing images. Sorry I've been absent for some time. Life has taken much of my visiting time of late. So I've spent some time this morning visiting your recent previous posts that I'd missed. Each was full of delight. I so enjoy seeing life through the lens of your camera.
    Have a wonderful trip. ~ Sarah

  2. So nice to hear from you, Jeanne. Missed your posts. Have a wonderful time:-)

  3. Sarah...you are so sweet, thank you. We all have such full lives..I can totally relate. It is always nice to hear from you :)

    Carina..Many thanks and I am still smiling from that gorgeous photo of the dog on your post..it looks very familiar!

  4. HI Jeanne
    Wonderful shots.. I particularly like the first.. perhaps the mystery of the unknown owner of that sandal...

    Sounds like your trip was wonderful and hope you will show us that book you mentioned.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. Wonderful shots, they are all so peaceful and serene.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  6. Jeanne... I missed a couple of your post and you are off on your travels again... Beautiful peaceful photos Jeanne... I do love coming to your blog. When I am stressed or panicked or just plain crazy, your blog makes me feel this wonderful calmness!


  7. I'm with Julie, that first image is so lovely and mysterious.
    Safe trip back, dear friend.

  8. What beautiful pictures Jeanne. We look forward to you coming back and telling us all about your trip

  9. So glad you had a wonderful time. Great photographs - looking forward to seeing more too... x

  10. So glad you're back safe and sound. Jerusalem is one of those places I long to visit. I hope it lived up to your expectations and we get to see lots more through your lens.

  11. Oi Amiga vim oferecer um selinho que é só pegar encontra-se em meu blog mimos. jinhosssssss Rosa

  12. That Angel is divine!!! Oh Jeanne I'm so please you had such a wonderful time. Just as you get back, I am leaving for Australia and India. I'll be back in two months. But I'm having a giveaway first. Photos up tomorrow but you can pop over and check today :)

  13. Ange, I thought you would like that angel..I thought of you when I took the photo.
    How exciting to be going to Australia and India!! This trip left me wanting more.
    India is very intriguing and I can not get Morocco out of my head either.
    We must be at that time of our lives when travel is called for...it is refreshing, don't you think?
    Best wishes for safe travels and I will be sure to pop in to your giveaway:))

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments...it was a great trip and now the fun begins, sorting photos!! :))

  15. So glad you've had an amazing trip. So inspiring.

  16. Dear Jeanne:

    I am glad that your travels were wonderful. I do sincerely wish that your sort the pictures at the earliest and treat us to the lovely sights of Jerusalem.

    In anticipation.

    Joy always,


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