Shades of Velvet


How do you feel about velvet?

I came across these images and felt very sentimental.
I admit I have a few velvet pieces in my closet that I can not
part with even though my daughters beg me to do so.

It is the full length black skirt that I am sure that will come back
into fashion someday. Ok, maybe the blue velvet turtleneck tops
will not but you just never know.

I think these are lovely too...

So sweet for the holidays, I remember wearing something 
like this myself (as a child) and dressing my daughters in the same. 

via Babble

I have at least one or two of these jewelry boxes

and more shades of blue velvet...

I am thinking that a chest like this is the 
perfect place for a spot of  velvet.

Wow is all I have to say about this one!

And then there is burgundy velvet and Kate Moss...

via Vogue

How about you, how do you feel about velvet?


  1. Oooo Velvet! I dream of one day possessing a teal velvet lounge. One day, when I no longer have children to share it with. Perfect for stretching out and reading Jane Eyre or the like.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  2. I love it's elegant and cozy...takes me back to Christmas long ago....I still have an amazing black, velvet dress....I know that one day I will be able to fit into it again......

  3. Wow!!! Beautiful site! Wonderful, really!

    Velvet is the ultimate feminine fabric. It's sensuous yet romantic.

    Luciane, from

  4. Oh Jeanne,
    What beautiful examples of velvet....I wouldn't call myself a velvet girl but, I'm in the market for a new sofa and have been looking at ones very similar to that gorgeous one in the first photograph..... I'm coming round to it.....and what a stunning photograph of Kate Moss. XXXX

  5. so beautiful, i could weep!


  6. I love velvet, especially in jewel-tone colors. It's one of those fabrics that just screams cozy to me! It's probably because I had a velvet Christmas dress, similar to the one you posted, when I was a little girl. I think of Christmas time (because of the dress) and rich, luxurious decor, like the House of Tudor. :)

  7. Love the wee gal in the velvet dress...and the ring boxes...very luxe.
    Velvet is such a rich fabric I suppose that is why the Royals have many robes made with it.

  8. Velvet is one of my favorite fabrics. I daydream of having a headboard for my bed made out of velvet.

  9. Love it.
    I have some velvet trousers that are favourites. And a black velvet suit that I love.

  10. Velvet for me is like fingers going down a chalk board for others... I utterly and sadly cannot even hold it in my hands, i get shivers up my back and feel all freaked out, but I am weird anyways, so it should be no surprise to you! Lovely post Jeanne!

  11. I have a black velvet evening coat that I'm never giving up! It's such a tactile fabric isn't it and the examples you've shown are stunning. That blue chair with the feathers? Even though there isn't any blue in my house...that I'd make room for!

  12. I love velvet too Jeanne. I dressed my daughter in a little red velvet dress just as I had been. And I love velvet shoes too.
    Semi-Expat x

  13. Oh, wonderful tones Jeanne!I can feel the texture by just seeing the soft and for all senses we have.
    Have a nice weekend, Beate

  14. Hi Jeanne...velvet - hmmm I love the idea of it but maybe not so great with the reality. I love it in home design, but clothes, I have never become that attached to anything velvet. I tried again just recently and bought a top online; sad to say it went back. Lovely pics though. Lou xxx

  15. Rich, heavy, deep, warm- these words immediatley spring to mind. I have a pair of beautiful black velvet high wedge shoes - I've had them about 12 years or so. Gorgeous. Only worn a few times, but adored. Love the shoes here too and I have the perfect old trunk that would look fab covered in velvet. Lovely.

  16. I love velvet! Especially red velvet - maybe because I love going to the theater and cinema:-)
    Oh yes, what little girl hasn't had a velvet dress for Christmas? My niece is 7 today, and she has plenty of velvet dresses. Hold on to your velvet pieces - EVERYTHING will be back in fashion someday. At one time, I used to say everything but shoulder pads, but I was wrong:-)EVERYTHING!!

  17. Well other than the velvet turtleneck tops, I'm totally in agreement. Such a sensual soft texture and beautiful colours. How can you not love it!

  18. Ah yes, I can see that you ladies know your velvet and like me have a sentimental side for it! Nostalgia...I am not alone...phew!

  19. Darling little girl's dress!! We had a Thunderbird limited edition once with velvet seats. I loved the car but was so wary of those seats. They were THE best! Beautiful. Cool in the summer, warm and cozy in the winter and easy to clean. Wish I could get them again instead of leather.

  20. Once I escape my childhood memories of bad velvet clothes I can accept it! Especially in some of these images.. beautiful. A long velvet maxi skirt worn with a beautiful silk blouse would make a gorgeous evening outfit. Oh and those shoes.... they make me sigh! xxx

  21. there is always a place for velvet.......I have a full length velvet coat that i can never bare to part with although it's never really fitted!

  22. I am waiting for the fashion of tiered maxi skirts to come back again so that I can wear my black velvet and lace skirt again. Hopefully it will still fit me when the time comes! Love your post.


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