A Country Ride and Midsummer Fair in Kent

When Sharon from My French Country Home said that she and
Ella would be selling from her French Country Brocante shop at the 
Wealden Midsummer Fair in Kent, my mind was made up. 
I packed the car for a road trip, just me, myself and I.
Cameras, an umbrella, a latte for the road and a quick trip 
to the library to pick up an audio CD for the ride. 
Delicious by Nicky Pellegrino.
More on Nicky here.

Italy, food, love, mystery, intrigue... 
A perfect tale for an afternoon drive.

The skies were grey but a welcome sight. We need the rain!

I had my eye on this red cape just in case.

I was impressed by the organisation of the Fair markers...

and these two fellows taking in the festivities.

This sweet red flowered rocking chair was a favourite of mine.

This Fair was a real family affair. There was something for everyone.

Saying it with fresh cut garden flowers

at the Wealden Midsummer Fair in Kent, England.
Thank you Sharon and Ella, 
it was lovely seeing you both again!



  1. Hi there sweet lady you sure know how to have an adventure! Italy is wonderful,these pictures are really evocative thanks for sharing them I'm loving the cockerals and the vintage toy cars. Sharon (uk) xx

  2. My eyes are popping at all the red Jeanne.
    I can imagine it was a glorious day with stories to hear and friends to meet, treasures to find and something delish to eat.

    Thank you for sharing it all with us,

    xx Felicity

  3. Looks like a great afternoon perusing all the treasures. You didn't say if you went home with anything.....

  4. Jeanne, What a fun day you've had! Good thing I wasn't there or we might have had to battle it out over the cape and the chair!! Enjoy your time in Christchurch. We've never been to New Zealand, but would love to go...

  5. Sharon and Felicity, thank you!
    Bonnie..I picked up quite a few things, it took three trips to get it out of the car....mums the word on that one :) sshhhh

  6. Thanks Viv, red seemed to be the colour of the day...such a great one too :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I see about 10 things that I would love to have. What a wonderful adventure, wish I could have been there. I am so excited that you managed to load up your car though. I am sure that there were treasures everywhere.

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Hello Jeanne,
    Lovely photos once again of your travels. There's a print of a lady with an umbrella and a small boy with a sailing boat in one of your snaps. I believe its a print of a famous
    Australian painting done by one of the early Heidelberg artists painted at Beaumaris( my home town) Victoria. Just a little trivia. Enjoying your blog emensely.

  9. Wish I was there...I would have enjoyed perusing all these lovely wares.

    Looks like a fun event!
    Such a pretty part of the country.

  10. Oh I'm in love with it all, from the chickens to having to keep your "mums the word".

  11. So lovely to see you again at t he fair Jeanne, next time in the UK I hope we'll manage to 'do' a garden or a show together

  12. Love that market, and the red cape, did you buy it, it looks stunning.

  13. Good Morning Jeanne

    I love how your journey began with joy and anticipation.You planned your trip knowing you would have a beautiful day. Your special coffee, audio book and as we so often here, it is often the journey rather than the destination. Though having said that, the items for sale looked mighty tempting. It must have been very special meeting Sharon from French country. Had you met before? You likely felt you knew her through your correspondence.
    Isn't blogging like the wonderful day of "pen friends"?

  14. Thanks for taking us along for the day...lovin' your armchair travels:)

  15. Jeanne you have truly inspired me. I must take more day trips like this. I love all of the various wares you have shown us!!

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  16. Seems to have been a very nice brocante adventure!


  17. That fair looks so charming! Did it rain, or just threaten?

    I wish that I had space for that rocking chair.

  18. I have instantly ordered the book from the library. Sounds just like me!

  19. I need to take a great day trip like this - hopefully to meet up with a lovely blogger! Sounds like a great day!

  20. Where, oh where, can I find that lovely red cape? Could have used it when I was in Scotland a few weeks ago.......


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