Expat Life: Comforting thoughts...

Well, it has finally happened. The photo featured at the top of my blog now looks like the photo below. Boo hoo! As each room is packed away I am left with a few objects to look at until the next day. Funny how we can have so much around us and never really look at it. There is something comforting about what was left behind today....

Well, the only comforting thing about this picture
is the possibility of what the future will bring.

My mother had what she used to call an antique shop. I called it a shop filled with interesting objects. This statue was one of them. Over the years, it has dawned hats, jewelry, scarves but on this occasion it had a prominent location on my desk. It was inspiring. The little painting is from Rockport Massachusetts, a place I hold near and dear to my heart. The white ceramic box was a gift from my Hortulus buddies in Greenwich Connecticut, it is inscribed "Gardeners Know the Best Dirt".

My mother painted the oval scence many years ago to remind me of our home along the sea. My mother-in -law gave me the 'Harrods Guide to London' in anticipation of our move and my father (god bless him) had a sign over his desk 'Believe'. I have the same to remember him. Lastly, I developed a bit of an obsession (ok, I can finally admit it) for Trade Me, the Kiwi version of Ebay. 'Mrs. Kennedy Goes Abroad' was one of my 'finds'. This was one of those interests that drove my family and friends crazy...sort of like what has happened with this blog.

A birdhouse in the shape of a church from New Hampshire, a lovely girl holding grapes from Missouri, a statue of a girl holding her dress from my Dad ( having a bit of a problem with her knees at the moment, I can relate!), a rocking chair from New Hampshire, a black urn from New Zealand and my lovely fantail bird bath from Australia. All collected in one spot for packing day.

I think this is a TJ Max purchase from years ago bit it still manages to find a place inside and out.

Purchased in Gloucester Massachusetts to remind me of my childhood on Cape Ann.
 It has been a lovely addtion to our entrance.

Our kookaburra from Australia...to watch over us wherever we live.

Lastly, freshly picked big bunches of hydrangeas from my garden
         Awaiting a new home with a friend.

Tommorow is another day, hope yours is a great one!
                                                                                                       Images by me


  1. Nice to see all of these pieces have meaning for you...the hydrangas are particularly gorgeous! Tracey xx

  2. Hi again,what a poignant post! Adore hydrangers, blue is my favourite too,the best of luck in your new home.Many thanks for adding me to your blog list I will do the same. Merry Christmas! Sharon xx

  3. Dear Jeanne - can imagine just how you are feeling - it's tumultuous seeing everything wrapped and packed and knowing that when it gets unwrapped, it will be in a different house, country, continent...but exciting too!! Loved your pool party photos & the hydrangeas - the only hydrangeas here are the ones I saved before the frosts to make a Christmas wreath with....Enjoy the last days of warm weather......best wishes, Susie x

  4. "My mother painted the oval scence many years ago to remind me of our home along the sea." <---how touching and sweet! :)

    Love your heartwarming post.

  5. What wonderful treasures and memories you have to take with you. I hope they make your new house feel like home.

  6. HOw're you holding up under the brave exterior??? Good luck for the move. It's not easy but you've obviously done it enough to know what to expect. There's a cuppa and a kiwi accent here in Toulouse if you need one - it's closer to London than Auckland ;-)

  7. What a star you are Jeanne - you seem so calm & serene in the midst of such a big move! How lovely to see all your precious pieces & hear the story's behind them.
    Millie ^_^


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