Royal Hats at Christmas

I can't say I have been much of a royal watcher 
in the past but I have a feeling that is going to change. 
I was quite smitten with The Queen's choice 
of colour and hat this year. 
Her smile brings it all together.

HM The Queen

There is even something a bit cheeky 
about his one...

Zara Phillips seems to be the talk of the town 
no matter where she goes..

Miss Zara Philipps

This one is my favourite, 
I think this suits Princess Beatrice to a 'T'.

                                                             HRH Princess Beatrice of York

                                               I think Beatrice will be the one to watch...

                                Thank you to for the insight!


  1. Is it wrong for me to confess that I love the butterfly hat? It's not my style but I adore it.

  2. Oh have struck upon two secret passions of mine...the royal family and hats. As a little girl I used to keep scrapbooks of Diana as she transitioned from Lady to Princess Diana...and became obsessed with her clothes, particularly her choice of hats. They seem to be so intrinsically British and I find that reassuring, somehow. I'm half English, so I think it's that side of me, yearning for the motherland! The Queen looks absolutely radiant here and while I don't love the butterfly hat, I love the sentiment behind it.

    Hope you are settling in happily in your new home and enjoying all your new experiences. Are you on sensory overload yet? I'll be praying that your son finds a kindred spirit asap. Meredy xo.

  3. Gorgeous 'Titfers' to use a colloquial expression... wish we all wore hats a bit more often! I do wear my pananma in the sun here in Oz but even then I do feel a bit 'daft' working down the high street in it (but its a necessity at times with the sun )

  4. What a fun post. I don't track the royal fashion, but I do enjoy a peek from time-to-time, especially the hats...they are fascinating.

  5. I love all the hats except for the last one. A bit much for me. Hee. But yes, the queen's choice of color and hat is exquisite this year! :)

  6. Hi Jeanne - glad to see you are starting as you mean to go on, embracing all things British beginning with the Queen's hats!
    Look forward to sharing your new adventures....Love Susie x


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