Plaid Tidings

 Well, I have to say that if you start a search 
using the word 'plaid' you will not be short of information.  
A whole new world has opened up to me 
and I am in love...with plaid.  
I have been collecting Christmas photos from magazine 
over the years and came across the top three images.  
I am trying to decide on the era here...80's?..90's?  
Whether you decorate with plaid or wear it,
either way it doesn't matter because plaid is timeless..

Who would not love sitting here sipping 
hot cocoa after skating their little heart away?

Do I hear the pitter patter of little feet 
on Christmas morning providing 
breafast in bed? What a lovely thought!

Looks like a plaid spread fit for a king. Yum! 

Why not?

I couldn't resist!

A stroll down a country lane? 
Who wouldn't if you could wear this outfit? 
I can't help wondering if she is wearing boots 
and if so what kind?

Ah yes, the cape...
anyone who has read a few of my posts knows 
I have a weakness for anything that drapes. 
This is fun! 
(love the boots)

I will take the number on the left 
but could also go for the jacket in the middle 
and love the colour of the blouse on the right.

Need I say more?

Plaid tidings to one and all!

Images 1-3, personal files, source unknown
Image 5 via Google
Image 8 Stylehive
Image 9 Wikipedia


  1. Love those plaid plates-How festive!

    Can you believe the weekend is already over...

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Hi Jeanne - I can imagine the table being set up in a remote Scottish hunting lodge (how romantic - the roaring log fire is just out of sight!!) I have the book 'Without Reservations' but will looking out for the others you mentioned..thanks for that...I last lived in Surrey many years ago and I think I remember reading you are going to be in the Esher area (?) I shall put on my thinking cap and if I come up with anything interesting, will let you know...I don't think you will be that far from Petersham Nurseries though? Lucky you....if you don't know it, have a're in for a wonderful treat...Love Susie x

  3. Timeless and beautiful - the perfect winter fabric. Leigh

  4. Love the plaids & tartans Jeanne & those boots in the cape shot were made for these feet (sans the horrendous current cast!)
    Millie ^_^

  5. Love your use of tartan!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hogmanay when it comes.

  6. Popped over from one of the images you pinned. Each one of these is full of inspiration. Love plaid! And yes, I think it is timeless.


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