Holiday Wardrobe

I woke up this morning thinking of clothes (nice change from previous days) and what I would be packing for our Christmas weekend away.  Mr. H has planned a mystery weekend for us all.  We were told to pack for black tie on Christmas Eve and smart/casual for the other days. The little mention of black tie has put us ladies in a bit of a tail spin. I was thinking how nice it would be to have one of those wardrobes that is endless where I could casually turn around and say to my daughters 'Now darlings, whatever shall I wear? So many things to choose from, perhaps one of these.....

and perhaps for smart/casual attire I could accessorise with a few of these lovely brooches and pearls...

I just love blogging
where else can you dream at will
create a story and imagine the possibliites?


Images all from a beautiful blog Bluetramontana Style


  1. Fabulous Wardrobe collections.WIsh you n all a Merry Xmas n New Year Celebrations ahead.

    Keep Smiling!
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  2. Dear Jeanne - whatever you decide to pack, am sure you will have an absolutely wonderful time & what a great guy to organise such a lovely surprise after all the stress of packing and moving! Hope you managed to make time to wrap up something special to leave under your tree for thoughtful Mr.H!!!!Happy holidays and look forward to hearing how you are adjusting to the sub-zero temperatures! Warm regards, Susie x


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