Ready to go....

I am staying focused on this beautiful photo by Lucinda Symons . The containers are packed, the house is empty and I am ready to go. I am going to think cheery holiday thoughts and look forward to a cup of tea at the other end of our travels. It has been a year since our whole family has been together. We are meeting our son in Sydney and flying together. I can't wait!!! When I change my location from New Zealand to the UK you know I will have arrived. Sending best wishes to all !!


  1. Hi Jeanne,

    Will be thinking of you in the coming days and hoping that your heart is not as heavy as your luggage. Also, praying that all planes, trains and automobiles take extra special care with their precious cargo... Meredith xo.

  2. Dear Jeanne - safe travelling - pack lots of warm sweaters and hats/gloves/scarves - it's freeezing here!! You may be having a white Christmas! Susie x

  3. What a wonderful adventure you are beginning. Keep us posted.

  4. Dear Jeanne, I'm ONE uk blogger that is really looking forward to all you have to bring to our country! Wishing you a lovely Christmas and looking forward to visiting you and reading your posts in the new year!Sharon xox

  5. Hello Jeanne,

    Safe travels and happy holidays,

    I have been following your process and blogging about it all and can't wait to see your new place and hear about all the new adventures you will have.

    Vicariously I am traveling with you friend.

    Stay safe and remember ... very little is actually life threatening; savour and “enjoy”!

  6. Do hope that your travels are safe and that you are not completely exhausted at the other end... At least you will all be together which will be lovely... Take care xox

  7. Have fun and happy holidays!

  8. Certainly an exciting time~
    All the best! ps: adore the photo as well~


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