13 December 2009

Calm, Inviting and Relaxing...

I would like to spend a day just pottering around this house. It looks so calm, inviting and relaxing. I can smell the coffee brewing as I write and the freshly baked bread resting on the stove. Maybe a few beautiful jars of homemade jam sitting to the side? Interior designer Edie van Breems has a swedish heritage and 'fills her house with decor, food, and traditions from her homeland, especially during the holidays'. You can read more in the recent issue of Country Living magazine. My favourite photo is the lovely white table with hyacinth just coming into it's own. I love that scent at Christmas along with a big bowl of bright, tangy orange clementines. Just heaven....

Images via Country Living Magazine

1 comment:

  1. I really love these photos. My favorite are the first and fourth. :)


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