Norman Rockwell

I want to share these images because they embody everything that was Christmas to me as a child. Others may feel the same. I lived this first scene every Christmas Eve as my parents packed six children into the family station wagon to visit my grandmother. Upon arrival we had a feast, opened presents and ended the night with a pink strawberry flavoured angel food cake. It was heaven. From there we all returned home, gazing at the stars up above, searching for Santa and his sleigh. A new set of pajamas would be waiting for us on our beds. We would all scream in delight, have one last look for Santa at the window and scramble into bed. I think of all the memories I have of Christmas as a child, these are my treasured moments. Do you have one?

Norman Rockwell images via Google


  1. Thanks for sharing the great pictures and reminders of the awesomeness of Christmas through a child's eyes. Christmas was always so magic..and still is.

  2. Norman Rockwell was such a brilliant artist. He was able to capture touching and important moments so well.


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