Can I please, please, please....

I had a nice diversion from packing over the weekend. My youngest son hit the  'double digits' milestone and turned 10. When he asked for a sleepover party a few months ago I thought 'why not?'. I had grand thoughts of a neat and tidy house strewn with bright colourful balloons, a welcoming 'Happy Birthday sign, a big homemade cake and a mother standing by the door, stress free..ready for a fun event. Instead I looked like our dog Tika upon our energetic guests arrival.  In fact, the boys were great. It was the Tika's playful, please, please, please can I play with them grin that got to me the most. If you have a pet you may appreciate 'the look'.

          'What do you mean I have to come out of the pool?'

                             'Oh bother, sent out again'           

              'This is more like it'

'What, again?'

'No, it's mine...catch me if you can'

Oh please, pretty, pretty please, I promise I will be good this time'

I have to say, I gave in. Thinking about the three weeks poor Tika has to spend in a kennel in Auckland and then that long plane ride to could I not give in to that look? I decided to use the same look on my family with the 'please, please, please..can you help me pack?' Actually, it was a bit stronger than that and it did not look so pleading...ok, it was more of a bossy look but it worked!

Back to work for me....this has been a nice diversion. Thanks for reading!!
PS..organised Mom had boxes everywhere, forgot the birthday candles, lost the balloons
but did manage a homemade cake (baked by my daughter and a tad on the well done side).

The smiles in the pool says it all...they had fun.. and me too :)

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