Twinkling in the moonlight

The humidity is rising in Auckland,
 the days are long and sunny and summer
 is most definitely in the air. 

I was presented two perfect gardenias from a friend
 who had just clipped them from her garden. 

Heaven....I quickly popped them into a favourite vase
 and have had them next to my bed ever since. 

It is just amazing how the fragrance can so quickly permeate the air. 
You feel transcended. 

I have gardenias growing in my garden at the moment. 
I always hesitate to touch them because they are so beautiful 
to look at in the evening. 

Even from my window at night 
I can see them twinkling in the moonlight. 
It is a welcoming sight...

It is hard to duplicate the fragrance but I think Jo Malone 
gets pretty close with her Vintage Gardenia Cologne.  
A nice touch on those cold winter days as well when 
you are longing for these creamy white flowers.


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